PART334 a hot chilly

Friday, 8th, April, 2011. Another busy day. Lex gave me some extra hot chilies, they were very small and green. I put half of one in my mouth. It started off bearable and then in a rush of spiky heat my mouth was set ablaze. My eyes began to shed buckets. Hiccups, red face.

I asked Raywen our supervisor if Maoris have any martial arts around this area. She laughed “No they are too stupid they just drink and fight” she said. After a chat I found out near Routerua an area an hour or so away they have a Maori village “they have the Mere (a wooden or green stone club) and the Taiaha( spear), they have the village demonstrations”

I was disheartened; I am sure what I would find is a tourist village with a war dance demonstration known as a Haka, similar to the Haka the all blacks perform before a rugby match. I had hoped to find a native form of wrestling but so far I haven’t even heard a whisper of it.

I got up again late at night, I just woke up and rose from bed and stood there some time, when I fully woke up I just went back to bed. I am finding it very hard to let go of the day. This in turn affects the next.

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