PART332 Marauding warriors

Wednesday, April 06, 2011. I am part of a marauding group of warriors; we are in a far away land. Our band of warriors slip noiselessly out of the canoe and crouching draw up to the ancient temple, a gray stone church with many doors made of heavy gray wood, in-between the thick frames of the doors thin gray paper instead of windows. We rushed through into the temple to find a vast prayer hall full of priests. Tall slender fiends with silver pointy helmets and dark silk robes, they have bent heads looking down grunting and murmuring, swaying in some tribal ceremony, They quickly notice us and in an instance go from entranced beasts to mad berserkers, they out number us greatly and we retreat out the doors again and slam them shut. We run back down to the canoes and see the doors buckle and vibrate as the priests clamor to open the. The paper windows shredded and ripped.

As we row away I find a dying paper spirit which had fallen on my leg, A painted face of a child, its paper cone body, caving in and the luminescent flame of its heart flutters and falters “kill it, it’s the enemy, no good will come of it” my warrior companion beside me says as he rows. I ignore him and delicately lift the spirit up, helping to uncrumpel its frame. The spirits heart grows brighter and it rises out of my hand and begins to float about us as we rowed away from the Temple.

So we came to the cross over, passing under a low bridge, we ducked in our canoe, the bridge goes on and on, old damp pillars support the earth above our heads. We were in a never ending underground lake, our new paper spirit floats by my side, and although its face is painted on and unmoving I can tell it is happy.

Evil lurked in every corner, water trolls with twinkling white eyes move sluggishly around the mud islands, goblins slink around the pillars watching our movement warily, although all our hands are on our sword hilts we cannot cause a fight, the cross over guards are up ahead, a dank wooden jetty appears and two ancient beings stand with flickering torches at its end. There have gigantic heads, like swollen potatoes, big bulbous noses, their pale ill looking skin, their long chins and dropping neck wattle are so long as to obscure their own knees. We will have to pay them if we want to pass through to the other realm.

Well I cannot remember but we must have paid them because I woke up shortly after. I got up and immediately began to start reading C. G. Jung “ memories, dreams, reflections” I have always been interested in Jung, from the very little I have heard about him. The idea that you can explore your subconscious excited and disturbs me a lot. I imagine it’s a bit like trying to explore the Minatours maze but without any string. None the less I am interested to find out about Jung, to find out how to interpret dreams and how to look into your own subconscious.

After a short read which left my brain ever so slightly bent out of shape I finally left the bed and began the day. Sarah made pancakes with bananas; we put frozen berries on them. Later we went for a shop, I was set on buying some ice cream with our last 10 dollars but after a factual conversation we agreed ( if a little begrudgingly) to buy vegetables as we had none left. We now have no money left until tomorrow when we get our pay check for last week’s work.

Candy and Jorine are settling in nicely, they are quiet and very sweet. Whenever Sarah is cooking they will come and sit at the kitchen table and watch her with great interest as she cooks. They are out today looking for jobs. It’s late in the process for applying for jobs so they will probably be put on a waiting list for most pack houses.

I got an email today from a ski resort in the south island, I had applied for a job there as a snow maker a week ago and they contacted me for an interview at the end of this month. I have asked if Sarah could take the interview as well, she also applied for a job in the kitchens at the same place. It sounds like an exciting job; you get free slop passes and when you’re not working you can learn to ski. Which is totally rad.

I executed another muscle testing work out today, clapping pushups, pull ups ( which I am diabolically bad at) amongst other things. During a round of shadow boxing on the lawn I got very spirited and involved and failed to see a huge pile of dog shit in my path, I certainly felt it as my footing became sludgy and I very nearly did a pearly. I washed it off and returned to my shadow boxing and managed to step on an orange, it made a sickening bursting sound as I trod on it, yet again I almost fell over. It’s like a mine field this garden.

We had savory pancakes with leeks and garlic for supper, along with soupy noodles with egg and tomatoes.

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