PART329 all about eyes today

Sunday, April 03, 2011 Work was slow today, making a few boxes and then having to wait a minute to make a few more. The kiwi fruit was few and far between on the conveyer belt. We had a new member to our tray lining team. An older Indian man with a long beard and a pail gray left eye. He looked like a bond villain “he is a bit of a sleaze, he got moved because he made an Asian girl cry over with the packers” He was put next to Sarah to work. I had no worries for her safety or about her feeling scared or over whelmed, Sarah has a thick skin and is more than used to dealing with poor excuses of human life.

The man was working slowly, licking his fingers every time he reached for a plastic bag and I could see our supervisor Raywen getting annoyed. She doesn’t seem like the type to get angry much she is very relaxed and kind. Because of the rain we finished at 1 in the afternoon. I spoke to Maggie as we all marched out of the pack house, she had a swollen eye lid “I have pin eye, maybe because I saw something I should not have seen” she said with a chuckle.

These last few days a woman from Chilly who works on the other side of the conveyer belt has been eye flirting with me, every time I look over she wiggles her eye brows suggestively and smiles. I don’t really know how to respond to this. I just give a smile back and get my head back to looking at boxes but it feels like she is always watching me almost like I am an awaited dinner.

I ran home again today, it was cool and it drizzled a bit which made the run very easy. I shot along the straight road, now running fast whereas before I was huffing and puffing, out of breath. I got home and took a shower and rested.


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