PART327 running home and april fools

Friday, April 01, 2011. It was April fools and I forgot for the whole day, until Lex told me that Victor (an elderly man from the Martial Islands) said I was a clever, handsome and kind person. “Oh that’s very nice of him” I said and gave Victor thumbs up. He was sitting slumped and a little green around the gills at the other end of the feeding line. He is dangerously obese and I think the work is making him tired. “Not really, he didn’t say this it’s the first of April don’t you know?” Lex giggled as she ran back to her belts. I was very impressed with this little April fools, it got me.

It was the end of the day and I had only just found out it was the first of April. I regretted not knowing earlier I recon I could have pulled some hilarious japes involving Kiwi fruit, possible hiding some in unsuspecting places, oh it would have been so good!, but alas ignorance has struck again with devastating regretful results.

As for positive things in the work place I thought out a brilliant exercise program for the moments in between box lining, like today there were boring moments of inactivity which could easily be filled with life lifting activities. I put together a set of exercises involving calf raises, simple arm stretches, buttock clenching, stomach clenching and a rather good one for hand rip involving the tube of plastic at eye level. It’s going to be a real hit, results guaranteed within 2 weeks or your money back.

I also found that if I go to the loo just before lunch time, and get rid of the old have a few quaffs of water and wash my face then the half an hour break we get is left for lunch is purely for recovering and eating. The lunch break is a great point for mumbles amongst us the masses, it’s supposed to be half an hour up with the huge amount of people it takes a few minutes to get us all out to the canteen area and then we are expected to get back to our posts a few minutes before our break ends so the machines can start up again and we can start exactly at half an hour later. They have people standing at the loos to stop works going in when there is only a few minutes left of the lunch break “ if you wanted the toilet you should have gone earlier, you can ask your supervisor when your back at your post” I heard one of the loo guardians tell a stumped Asian girl, who didn’t quite understand what she said and began trying to maneuver her way around the obese loo guard.

Thankfully the tray liners of d4 have a very chilled out and fair supervisor. Raywen is a Maori woman with a large smile on her face, she slowly moves up and down our line, we chat, she tells us how to do things more efficiently and if people are to slow she gently asks if they can speeds up while helping them out as well. Over yonder conveyer machine we see much harsher tactics used on the poor slaves. Grading is a more stressful and demanding job than tray lining, involving looking at a sickening amount of Kiwi fruit and having to get a large percentage of punctures sighted and removed else heaven forbid you will be put up on the black mark board and have a stern visit from a higher upper person.

I felt challenge full after work so I ran all the way back from work. It took almost an hour of fast jogging, After I got home I even went back to the supermarket in Te puke a good 20 minutes jog away just to see if Sarah was there. She wasn’t but it didn’t matter, the sun was shining, the Indians where shouting and practicing cricket in the park, the loud crack of the ball being hit and the instant shouts of “CATCH IT! CATCH IT!….oh good catch bro” echoed from the green and the masses of tired looking pack house workers were shuffling home, many a friendly smile and wave was given. “

Esther and her friend Cai Hong, a Malaysian girl with a mushroom hair cut came to look at our new accommodation in the evening, They squawked and laughed hysterically looking everywhere with much interest, the defining crescendo of hysteria was when they thought our fridge was upside down, indeed it may well be as the writing of the brand is upside down and the handle is one of those ones which could be used from any angle but the top of the fridge didn’t have any stands so I wonder. Esther and Cai Hong had to hold each other up as they laughed heartily almost bringing themselves to the floor.

I forgot exactly how loud Chinese people can be. Sarah told me about the bus journey when she came back to Te puke while I was hot footing it back after work “there were so many Asian girls on the bus and they were all shouting and chatting, the other people on the bus the island people actually shushed them to be quiet, it was so embarrassing” I chuckled, That every increasing excitement in a conversation until it becomes a loud pool of noise is like a force of nature and an ebb and flow in conversing.

We are now about to go to bed and I am tired and ready for rest, I have made a lot of today and am proud of it, of myself. A day could be treated like a life time and going to bed would be death. Have you got out of today what you wanted? Or maybe more important or at least to me are you at peace with yourself and ready to lie down and leave this hard loud world behind? I for one am, if only for today. I suppose a little peace is all I need and I am grateful when my mind is not clambering over some craggy idea or my emotions aren’t slipping down a deep craves, when my whole being is at the top of the mountain not even looking just with eyes close simply being.


One thought on “PART327 running home and april fools

  1. wot a blinder. was racing to get to the end
    factory work is opening the doors to a whole different world …class 10 used to do a factory tour to show them the sort of thing you’re experiencing .
    perfectly put .

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