Part314 Climbing Mt Mounganui

Friday and Saturday, 18th, 19th, March. We are just waiting for the work to begin. Because of the hot weather there has been no cold spells, which, as I have been told again and again is what we need for the sugar levels to go up in the fruit then they can be picked and so packed.

I have lumped two days into one blog because I cannot distinguish what happened which days. A worrying lack or retention. My brain a leaky bucket “keeps filling it up boy! Else it will drain and dry completely”. I bought a reasonably expensive snorkeling kit, including mask, snorkel and flippers, I was desperate to put it to use and try and catch some of the abundant shell fish life I have heard so much about but these two days our friends have been working and we cannot get the use of their car. Sarah and I tried to hitch hike all the way to mt Mounganui, which is almost 40 minutes drive away. It didn’t happen we didn’t get picked up.

I had that child like desperation which I had forgotten about for many years; I wanted to do something so badly but was powerless to do so. I had a mild half serious arm flail and wail by the side of the road, much to Sarah’s entertainment. On our defeated trudge back home, Flippers un wetted, urges un sated, heart sunken we passed a rugby field which was host to a local match.

Sarah and I walked into the park and took a spot under a shade next to the big bellied beer swigging tattooed men and watched as the large monstrous men crashed and bashed into one another in the admirable game of rugby. It’s very clear it’s the national sport of New Zealand, even alongside the adult match a group of children were playing their own much light but just as earnest game of rugby. I looked around again and took interest in how fat the majority of spectators were Maoris and Kiwis alike.

We managed to get a lift back to Trevelyan’s camp site with a wizened old man who had a sage like long white beard, he was wearing short shorts and his thin legs and nobly knees, his long white arm and leg hair which shone in the sun light gave him the look of a wrinkly luminescent spider “ I hope you enjoy your stay in New Zealand and may mother nature treat you kindly” he spoke as we got out of the car next to the cap site “ and to you too” I replied, touched by this blessing. He smiled and drove off down the long straight road.

Because there is no internet in our caravan I went down to the Trevelyan cafeteria and went on the computer there. Kago the Japanese girl was there, she is very chatty and immediately enveloped my in her woeful predicament “My family in Japan are so silly, they are living very close to two of the nuclear plants and because the Japanese government is saying there isn’t much risk they believe it, they are thinking about going back to work and university soon. They don’t believe me, they say just because it isn’t the west’s problem they are sensationalizing the risk” Kago looked worried and exasperated, wide eyed in disbelief at how stubborn her family could be. “Japanese people are so easy to control, they just trust their government so much” she said after having another go on Skype to try and persuade her family to get out. I suggested her to send them a link for CNN to show them the news which America is reporting about the danger of radiation leaking. She liked this idea and did so but her Mother didn’t take it seriously.

I found that Linda, Sofia, Lillian and the other mainland Chinese girls who were staying in the caravan site had moved into the nearby villa “maybe because we spent so much time in the communal living room” Sofia laughed as she told me the news. I was a little sad, they were all so much fun to be around and now they would all be in the villa and never come back to the communal living room.

That night while we ate I got into a conversation with a woman from Canada, she had been working in a metal health organization for the last 6 months, I asked if there was anywhere near and if anyone could work there. She said there was. I found the idea interesting; I also found an advert in the local news paper for a charity to spend time with the elderly. I think when I have settled in with work I will get involved. I like the idea of finding out about someone’s stories, especially from someone who has lived such a long time and through this last dark century.

 I don’t want to do it out of some need to be good or make myself better, I think I believe in that basic universal law of cause and effect. If you punch someone in the face they will return the gift, if you make someone laugh and care for them they will do the same for you. Do as you would be done by, maybe the universe will return good with good. Now that I come to think of it I don’t know if I would do it for that reason, I like the idea of karma but it just doesn’t real access my belief. Maybe I do just want to be a better person and doing good deeds does make you a good person.


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