PART311 the first day of not drinking and Rango

Tuesday, 15th, March, 2011. I woke up with a hangover and thanked the lord I had stopped drinking. The night before I had also been rifling through all my old blogs and I was surprised at how many of them started with lines like “I felt ruff this morning” or “I had a banging head ache when I woke up”. I was unaware I was feeling shit so much of the time.

Sarah and I went to ‘cheap Tuesdays’ at the cinema and watched Rango, the animated film with the Jonny Depp doing the voice of the lizard Rango. One thing I found off putting about the film was how all of the characters where so physically deformed dirty and ugly, but somehow I managed to empathize and grow fond of them as the film went on. The film was a comedy but had genius moments of surreal dreams and poignant issues about who we are. The film was basically about Rango the lizard finding out who he was. The whole cinema was empty apart from Sarah and me and we fully spread out over the seats.

The rest of the day was uneventful, I entered myself into a writing competition called ‘dark tales’ and have began working on polishing and refining my story ‘be careful’ about a man who wishes everyone would leave him alone and eventually his wish is granted. I have now spell checked it, Sarah has spell checked it and I have taken a few flabby bits out and added a few minor adjustments. I will send it off in a few days when it’s sparkling.

In the evening we all horsed around, taking silly pictures and chatting. I feel that we are all unwilling to leave this house and each other. In two days we must move out and a big group of Malay people will move in for over half a year to work in the orchards.


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