Part308 contemplating desasters

Saturday, 12th, March, 2011. Finding out about the Japanese earth quake and the tsunami was a powerful moment for me. My Mum informed me over MSN that a huge earth quake had hit Japan. I joined Sarah in the front room, The TV was on and CNN was broadcasting videos and news from Japan. The images of buildings and muddy earth ripping through residential areas was alarming, it didn’t even look real, like it was a toy town being sloshed by a bucket of muddy water. The worried looks on people’s faces as they watched their homes battered and swept away was very real. I felt unsafe, it was reasonably near and the New Zealand government had issued a warning to people, not to go to the beach. We are very near the beach. Although I am sure the earth has forever been reminding the human race how fragile and destructible we are I found this time to be the one which really got under my skin. I remember exactly where I was when Princess Diana death was on the news; I wondered what all the fuss was about. All I wanted to do was watch whatever video we had rented from the shop. I also wondered if we would get a day off school. I remember thinking I should care. I quickly forgot. I remember when the 9 11 twin towers attack took place. I was at a friend’s house and after hearing it I went straight back out into the garden and continued to bounce on the trampoline. I feel now that I have a genuine concern. Sarah and I walked to Te puke and bought some beer, and had an ice cream, Sarahs ice cream was way better than mine. We then went to the local bar; I had a really bitter and disappointing Guinness and ale as well. I feel on one hand a tremendous relief and excitement at stopping drinking but at the same time I am fearful that I will realize that drinking is a bigger part of my life than I care to admit. A certain repressed and controlled desperate clamor for the “last drink” has emerged. Resulting in many last drinks. Then walked back home in the bright warm sunset. I have almost got to the end of my ‘control alcohol’ book and within a few days I will be free of the vapors. I got drunk back at home and watched a thuraly depressing program about conflict minerals mined by women and children in Africa, all controlled by war lords and sold to all the biggest mobile phone companies’ world wide. The program showed the fact that conflict minerals are not against the law and that the big companies only make a half arsed effort to say they are trying to do something about the problem, its modern slavery. I went to bed feeling bashed and buffeted by world news.


One thought on “Part308 contemplating desasters

  1. I hereby declare you officially old enough to start boring people in pubs with your IrememberwhereIwas -isms.
    For us REALLY old people it was Abervan, The Torry Canyon (go google them!) and, of course Kennedy’s death.

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