Part 298 off again, long flight to NZ

SATURDAY, 26TH, FEBUARY. Being back in the UK for the past 2 and half months has been great. I have worked a little, drank a lot and seen lots of my friends and family, to the point I feel the trip was a real success. I arrived at Gatwick airport at 8 in the evening. One of my good friends dropped me off and as he pulled away and I completed the last good bye I felt the next part had begun. I had a horrific hangover, my stomach was bubbling and my head pounding but I felt so happy and excited. As soon as the plane took off and the seatbelt sign vanished I went to the loo. I began to urinate and I stood looking lovingly at my pasty reflection, entertained by my own face soon I noticed a wet sensation on my right leg and looking down I found I was hosing my leg down and it was drenched , I had not been concertrating on aiming, oh if ever a tale of narsassistic woe was ever told. I was not pleased. With a 30 ish hours sojourn ahead I wondered how this mess would dampen it. I imagined the smell after the trip. I also managed to soak a good portion of my waist wallet which contained my passport and some money. I patted myself down as best I could with some paper towels and thankfully the dimly lit cabin made my patch hard to see. I made my way back to my seat all worried. Not much else of interest happened the whole journey. I was flying with emirates, the leg room was ample, there was a huge selection of films and the food was actually credible. Fish dishes with fruit and crackers. The beautiful air hostesses with their dark red lipstick and smart uniforms made the whole affair bearable. There were a few incidences of really bumpy turbulence and the woman in front of me gave out a surprised shriek as we dropped in the air. I had a shower in Dubai air port, I got so relaxed that I started gargling the shower water in my mouth, as I spat it out I wondered what sort of things I could have caught “what is the water quality in the middle east like?”, Back on a plane to Kuala lumpur for 7 hours, then to Melbourne for another 7 ( I think), I had another shower and then off to Auckland for the relatively short trip of 3 and a half hours.


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