PART279 selective sickness and the heat turned on

10th, November, 2010. Another day without training. I felt too ill. The heating has finally been turned on so instead of us wearing our coats in doors while breathing icicles, we are now boiling hot in arid dry stuffy rooms. The heating turns on at this time of the year and it does not turn off until the winter is over. You cannot change the temperature and you cannot turn it off. The only thing you can do is open the window. The big dark metal radiators behind the walls send up shimmering clouds of hot air. We leave our bedroom window open all the time now and drink much more water to combat the dry throats. Catzu has gone from sleeping under the sheets to now sleeping by the window cool draft.

Outside the temperature continues to drop, we had a -8 freeze yesterday apparently. I watch films on the laptop, uninspired to read write or learn mandarin. I have an unusually kind of cold. I am too sick to go and train properly but I am well enough to go out for a meal with Mr. King and drink a bottle of Bie jiu. Interesting.


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