PART 286 70% with Truman

22nd, November, 2010. I feel like a pre battle knight in the morning. Slowly donning my armor for the battle ahead. In Malaysia I would hop out of bed drenched in sweat have a 10 second shower and put on boxers and a pair of thin shorts and that was it. At the moment I spend 5 minutes sheathing myself with thick long johns, knee warmers, at least 4 t shirts and two jumpers and a massive coat, thick gloves and a wooly hat and of course trousers. I almost forgot them the other day. Well for god’s sake its 5:30 in the bloody morning, if I am already wearing so many cloths it’s easy to forget one item. I had the runs today, don’t know why but it was unpleasant and draining to say the least. To say the most would be a step too far, and to quote the wise old Indians or if you’re using the politically correct, the Native Americans “sometimes the best spear is the one not thrown”
My sleep has been playing silly buggers with me lately, the last two nights I have been awake all night and foggy most of the day. It is enough to bring tears to my eyes. It’s not to do with a bad sleep pattern it’s to do with something else I am sure.

I was having a rip roaring time last night with Truman, we went to a porridge restaurant and I met a few wrestling friends who had brought a large plastic tankard of bie jiu “ Its 70 percent” One of my friends said loud and red faced. An unsteady man wobbled over to our table and poured a full glass of the stuff, he used both hands to lift up the massive industrial looking bottle. He sat back down and I thanked them, they looked like mad space cadets who had been spun on the g force machine for too long and where so upside down that they were now recommending the exercise to me

They left soon after, like a team of lost marbles rolling around the restaurant and by chance finding the door. The last sign I saw of them was of an ill eyed one who gave a thumbs up to me before lurching out of sight. True barbarians. The northern Chinese in these parts are manly men. Wrestling, eating meat, drinking pure alcohol and god knows what else.

I looked at the glass which was poured for me and I drank away with Truman. Even though I emptied half of it into his glass, we where both fairly pissed by the end of it all. It was like drinking ethanol. Throats burning Truman and I looked at each other in same surprise at the stuff. We ate delicious porridge and vegetable dishes. Truman is the only person apart from Sarah who can actually speak English, so it’s good to go out and have a deep conversation. The only little problem with Truman is he is heavily into Buddhism which is very interesting but at times I wish he would leave off a bit. Tonight he did and we had a very down to earth conversation about his old girl friend who from his description was a bit of a nutter. She tried to strangle him once and just as he was blacking out he got an attack of the rage and gave her a fair beating. “I feel so ashamed for doing this, hitting a woman is such a shameful thing to do, I was crazy, and my vision was red”.

I told him that if anyone man or woman where willfully trying to strangle me, which would imply someone trying to end my existence I would have no qualms with defending myself. After the meal Truman and I got a taxi back home and parted ways. The old bie jiu still tickling the larynx.


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