PART 285 meeting Kiras Mum again

20th, November, 2010. In the evening while Sarah and I where assaulting our taste buds with the spicy si chuan noodles I noticed a familiar face ordering through the glass counter. An uneasy moment passed and I thought it was one of the parents I knew from my teaching time in Hainan (had she come to track me down?). She waved at Sarah and I, I remembered it was Kiras Mum. She bustled over with a large smile. “Kira always asks if you are back, she still hasn’t finished the chocolate you brought back last time” she told us.
We arranged to meet the next day. We also met the director of the sports school who was having dinner with some friends. I remember him from when I first met Coach Ma. He smiled and offered me a cup of Bie jiu. Sarah and I sat down with him for a while and we chatted about his plans to go to Guangzhuo to see the Asian games.

After a few cups of wine we parted ways. “You know he is a very important person, he owns all the sports universities and is in charge of all the parks in Xin zhuo” Sarah told me as we reentered the cold street. I thought about how unpretentious he was. Just sitting around with his friends comfortably, none of them were pandering over him. So many officials I have met who have high up jobs look down on everyone and are rude and arrogant. Power does not always corrupt.

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