PART270 not enough time

30th, October 30, 2010. Today Candy is taking her IELTS exam, I have been teaching her for the last 5 weeks. Most days she comes around and in the cold balcony joined by Catzu and the sound of dripping and drying cloths I wrap myself in a thick blanket and give her subjects to speak about. These subjects and the grammar correction, sentence structure and positive encouragement have no doubt helped her a lot. But time, that precious commodity was not enough to get her up to scratch I fear. I get a bit depressed when she has come for lessons this last week because she is clearly going to fail. It’s the week end now and I have not gone out much, so I have been writing. Jotting down odd ideas for short stories, mainly weird and wonderful stories which have been inspired by the large amount of dark sci fi films I have been getting through; also I have been thinking a lot. Just lying in bed and thinking. It feels like brain dancing, just throwing words and shapes around in my skull and when something I think is worthwhile turns up I put it down on paper.

2 thoughts on “PART270 not enough time

  1. Ah Tim . The glorious monkey mind twisting and turning in the imagination .
    Candy will surprise you all . She will keep trying and get there , you’ll see .

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