PART267 my cyclops son

28th, October 28, 2010. I was at a party in my home town in the UK; I knew that Sarah and I were going to have a baby. Sarah was not going to give birth to our baby, it was either going to be a close friend of mine or another woman who I barely knew. They were both pregnant. I was at a party everyone was congratulating me on the expected arrival of our baby. I was also excited but dark thoughts about being shackled to the plow, unable to do anything because of a responsibility demanding baby was coming. The party turned into a dark confusing spectacle of spinning lights and shadowy hall ways which I hid down. Finally I found out it was my close friend who had given birth to our baby, it was handed to me and it was a Cyclops, a large ugly hairy baby in my arms wrapped in a white blood stained towel, some freaky Narnia creation. Everyone was clapping and I said it was a beautiful baby. The baby turned into a large naked man who had an eastern European accent, he was stood talking with another of my close friends Joe, and we had now been transported to yet another friend’s house. “ look Dad is this there my other eye is meant to go?” my son asked as his central eye slid to the left and a dark rotten festering hole appeared where the other eye should go. He is awfully big for a new born baby and he can speak as well, I thought, three quarters scared, one quarter proud. “Look I can stick my tongue in it” he laughed while he reemed and licked his cavernous eye socket from inside out of his own skull with his gray thick serpentine tongue.

Things got serious and Joe said “I am going to take your son indoors to have a chat” they went indoors and I followed shortly afterwards. “Would you like a burger?” Joe asked, I said yes and moved over to the dinner table where there where two sloppy bloody burgers in take away yellow plastic cartons. “Which one should I eat? I don’t want to eat my son” I asked even though I could tell that one of them was my son………Then I woke up.



I haven’t written any blogs for a while because I have felt there is nothing of interesting going on in my life. I have been training and keeping a reasonably stable routine and apart from that monstrosity of a nightmare I was subjected to nothing freaky has happened. The weather is now officially fucking cold “Shanxi does not have autumn or spring, it just goes from summer(as hot as 40 degrees) almost straight to winter(willying lows of -25)” and she is right. I am now sitting here at the laptop, wearing a woolly jumper and thick coat watching my visible freezing breath come out of me at regular intervals.

Oh there is one mildly interesting thing, Sarah and I tried to make a pizza using a frying pan only, homemade acidic tomato sauce, processed square sliced of plastic like cheese and an oily pancake as the base. Not helped in the cooking when Mum and Dad where having an argument and a thick rich creamery atmosphere of angry tension congealed in the tiny kitchen as Mum hovered around the cooker nervously trying to help and do everything, acting like a territorial bat in a small cave. No wonder I had such a fruity dream.


One thought on “PART267 my cyclops son

  1. did not enjoy that . not one bit . wonder wot you will write about when you come home .i have found that when you know you are leaving a place then you switch instantly into a just marking time mode . nothing has changed except the way you are looking at your life and an unconscious impatience to get on with the next chapter . maybe .

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