PART262 Green

Tuesday, 19th, October, 2010. A pretty standard day of training, I managed to wear just the right amount of clothing. What a difference it makes to be wearing the right cloths at the right time. Something we all take for granted most of the time, but when one gets it wrong it makes its self poignantly obvious that its not to be trifled with. The received wisdom being, put lots on and you can take it off as you please, but if you have nothing to take off you up the creek.

Besides I had another calamity thrown at me, Life is always throwing something at you isn’t it? It’s not necessarily a big object but the all throwing arm is constantly in a state of arm cocking, aiming or selecting from the infinity of missiles to hurl. Today life threw a harsh strain of diarrhea at my anus. Not the usual “Oh I have a dickey stomach” but the kind where words are forgotten and actions are called a pone as a more appropriate form of response. I walked to school nerves at thinking about how far I was getting away from a loo and wondering if going to the morning session with lots of squats and fast explosive activates was in fact a silly idea comparable to thrashing a wasps nest in a locked attic. I thought I had got rid of it all before I had left the flat but you can never tell can you?, as stated before you need to keep the peeps peeled and the balls of the feet forever strafe ready when life is hoofing obstacles in your path.

The morning came and went without any unplanned pant shitting. Something which I generally take for granted but today was especially grateful for. More about the trouser department after the squirts had run their course I was graced with a green poo. A dark green poo, I have had black, purple and now green. I wondered if the suspiciously tasty vegan food was in fact laced with lashings of MSG. Most probable. The guts, the Sherlock holms of food deduction.

Ah it’s all very interesting, you never know how the days going to turn out do you? How could I have ever imagined that today I wound do a green poo?. What the hell’s going to happen tomorrow? Blue maybe.


3 thoughts on “PART262 Green

      • ha ha thank you Wendy for your support. I dont know what it is but my bowl movements are of great interest to me. I suppose its a survival instinct to see if anything is going on on the inside. Facsinating stuff

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