PART256 Catzu in da hood

Wednesday, October 13, 2010. If I am not mistaken I have been training for 6 days without a break. Although possible and in the past a thing I have done before I know that it’s not beneficial for my long term interest and therefore also my success. You see around the fifth day of doing anything like work or training I become fatigued in mind and body and yearn for a jolly good rest.  A spot of nothing.

I then get through the final 5th day with the knowledge that the two days to come will be restful. In this case due to the fudge up of having the national holiday for a week and then starting again last Friday my pattern, my sweet sweet delicate routine has been thrown out of kilter and my days off usually sat and sun have fallen gruesomely short and we are now up to Wednesday and I am well up for a resticals. I still got up like a diligent beast of burden, gave an oxen like moo of disapproval as I disentangled myself from the wispy tendrils of sleep.

After I trudged to school I found an almost empty running track and it dawned on me that everyone was having a mid week break. It was eerie as I ran around the track on my own for half an hour. But really you’re never alone in China, there where plenty of elderly folk going through there Yang style tai chi forms. It’s just that there weren’t the usual stampeding hundreds of sports students pounding the earth along with me. I finished my run and watched the large groups of wrinkly gnarled tree folk move stiffly through the Taiji movements. I have and forever will be impressed and lip thwacked at the amount of spritely humans who congregate in the many parks in the morning. You see groups of elderly people either doing Taiji, sword forms, stick forms. Dancing, drumming and tennis. All crammed into every available space somehow managing to cultivate their own calm in such a crowned place. There is a real vibrant and cheerful atmosphere in the mornings.

I was ignorant to weather an afternoon class was to take place and I kept it that way, I allotted a short but spirited period of the afternoon to drinking and I also ordered a burger, fries and coke and pork bbq sticks from a local KFC alike over the phone. I waited outside wearing a coat for the first time in a long while keeping my eyes open for my stodgy meal to. Our Catzu berried in my green fur lined hood in absolute terror of the outside world and even the pungent smell of some squid strips I had taken down with me could not get her out of her hiding place. I stood watching the busy road the middle part for cars and trucks and the outside lanes for the bikes. A large concrete grilled drain had a colorful splattering of din dins on it. Noodles with vegetables, some yucky bright soup congregating around the rim. I was about to begin down a well trodden path of wondering about humanities worth when I was saved by a passerby who distracted me. “Hello what is your name?” said the small man with glasses who had stopped in the bike lane. As I gave him my name I thought about how all my street, stranger convos seem to be one sided with me giving away all my info and getting none back. I quickly changed the subject and bombarded the chap with questions as a sea of bikes weaved around him on their way. I found out that he was from Wu tai mountain, he was a physics teacher and had 200 students and he was in Xin zhuo today for a teachers meeting and he was just about to go back home, Another tall man with a face like one of those protruding tree knots that look like a knobble ample bum( you know the ones, they look like someones arse is growing and searching from the tree) stopped and before he could ask a question himself I Ni hao,ed him and asked him if he was from Xin zhuo. “Oh I am going to go now, nice to meet you” Said the physics teacher. We shook hands and he and the bum tree face man walked along with the flow of dingalinging bikes, chuckling about their meet. “And you never even knew I had a cat in my hood did you?” I thought to myself. Shortly after I had detached the terrified Catzu from my hood my meal arrived in a electric bike with a small cute young girl driving. She recognized me and after the exchanges I went up to the flat and devoured my unhealthy meal, feeling bilious and on the verge of uncomfortable.


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