PART255 morning problems

Tuesday, 12th, October, 2010. My mind full of trickery and deception even though my body was willing tried to detain me. I was cuddling up to Sarah and resigning myself to whatever hogs whoppup my mind had invented for me and I asked Sarah as Catzu shot around the room like a fire cracker “ do you want me to put the cat out?”. “I want you to put the cat out and got to school” she said in authorities’ voice. This broke the spell and I realized there was little or no reason to stay in bed further than a warm bed. I got up and went to school and liked it.

I thanked Sarah for her encouraging me “Stop talking to me” she moaned and pulled the cover over her head. That’s the thing about getting up at 5:30 in the morning, It’s so inhumanly early, I got back at 8 ish and thought that Sarah would also be out of bed, I mean for god’s sake I had just been up for 2 and a half hours, it was already day past full swing. How in Vishnu’s name could anyone still be in bed? It’s a reality funk I have to readjust to everyday.

The afternoon was much the same as any standard lesson on the mats. Lots of throwing. The evening was eventless and pleasant. The new sleep pattern is taking hold and my life has transformed for the best. I may be a night owl, but for the moment its better to pretend to be a lark. Less of the hoot and more of the swoop…or is it swallows which swoop? Anyhow its better to be mutton dressed up as lamp than be an undesirable hunk of man sheep. In short its good to get up in the morning as opposed to the afternoon.


2 thoughts on “PART255 morning problems

  1. that last bit cracked me up…. In short its good to get up in the morning as opposed to the afternoon…. dunno why..i may have a very funny retardation….

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