PART251 back to school after the national holiday

Friday, 8th, October, 2010. Well back to wrestling again, I enjoyed my break but it’s good to get back into a constructive routine. The weather is becoming noticeably colder almost daily. There was frost on the window pane I noticed in the dark this morn. I donned an extra thick jumper and pootled off the school. I had to creep into the gate guard’s small room and lift the key off its chain and then tip toe out again to unlock the mighty padlock which locked the large red metal gate leading out from our block of flats. It’s a little unbelievable that a gate keeper whose only job is to open and close the gate cannot even get up in the morning to open the gate, even if it is 5:30. I saw the boy sleeping in his thick long johns under a big red duvet as I put the key back in its place.


I had an almost inexhaustible amount of energy today and I virtually sprinted around the track for the 5 laps, I heard audible “oooh” and “ahhh” from the people I was over taking. I rather over did it and felt on the verge of vomiting as I came to a stop and began stretching. That’s the problem with almost inexhaustible amounts of energy; it just doesn’t quite go on forever.


After the basic exercises I began walking home and saw some of the older wrestlers where kicking around a brightly coloured object with feathers. I walked onto the basketball court and joined in the fun. The wrestler I am periodically teaching English to asked how to say I miss you in English and after I told him he repeated it over and over much to the amusement of his two other companions. Shortly after I arrived another couch rushed up to us and shooed us away saying “go and have some breakfast now!” Bei hong rong appeared from nowhere as I walked home and thrust an English text book in my grasp and began her lesson. It was a hazardous affair as she kept on almost bumping into the trees on the pavement and more than once yelped as she surprised herself by stepping off a curb while her nose was in a book. When we parted ways at the cross roads she chided me “remember to look at the road”.


I hardly slept again last night and as a result my energy crashed and I spent the afternoon sleeping after practicing my sticks and mandarin. I decided not to go to school in the afternoon, instead I rested and read an amazing self help book called UNLIMITED POWER , by Anthony Robbins. It gives useful and easy self brain washing techniques to help you form positive habits and world views. A breath of fresh air from a lot of self help books or religions which tell you what to do but not exactly how to do it. Its ridiculous that people can get away with it. Take the bible for instance, you have Christ’s teachings which are all very grand and high and the way forward but how exactly do you put it all into practice?, I know if you study enough it becomes clearer but wouldn’t it just be easier to have a manual for life rather than a set of ideas?.


It’s almost like giving a child who has no idea of the basic mechanical workings of how to drive a massive truck and saying to him as you close the vehicles door on him, “to drive properly you must respect and love your fellow man, you must surrender to Gods will and don’t crash into the other drivers”. Don’t be surprised if these lofty words help very little in learning how to drive. The brain is a complicated machine and there are specific ways to use it to its optimum level. I feel very silly talking about the brain and its bombastic power when I myself have made an art form out of using it as little as possible, but hay there is always time to change and that time is now.


3 thoughts on “PART251 back to school after the national holiday

  1. I believe the ten commadments are suggestions as to how to live your life.Try to be kind,try and see the other side of the story, avoid conflict unless you enjoy it.If you see an oppertunity to help another soul do so after asking first and avoid getting run over in the process.God, what do I know.

  2. Its not that easy I. I believe its just a question of staying conscious . We all have stuff to work thro’ and are all at different stages in our development . One wise thing I was told was ‘Suspend your judgement if you can ‘ and ‘Watch your thoughts ‘ because they have an energy . Just trying to keep awake to those two aspirations is exhausting . None of us are perfect , we wouldn’t be here if we were .
    praps you will write a self help book for the unconscious when you are a wise, wizened, world famous author and lover of mankind . I find poetry a gift at these times . Just puts it all so beautifully .

  3. And, just to add my ten pennyworth and prove I’m paying attention – Granddad Cushing used to say that the sermon on the mount was all you needed to understand how you should be living (and it includes a repeat of the ten commandments ofcourse)

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