Sunday, 3rd, October, 2010. I woke up at 12ish with a nasty hang over. I heard two voices speaking outside my room and my heart dropped. I thought that Danni had maybe felt too ill to go traveling with Sarah and Cindy. I envisaged a dreadful day of trying to entertain the silent Spaniard. I emerged from the bed room and found that it was just Dad talking with a worker who was fixing the gas cooker in the kitchen. I spent most of the day relieving my hang over with cold crisp beers which helped immensely if not in the realistic long term sense at least in the immediate dulling of the senses sense. I watched a few films and that was about it. At six in the evening Candy came to the flat and I taught her English. If I haven’t already spieled the info to you I will so do now. Candy wants to come to New Zealand at the same time as Sarah and I and she had it all planned out, she had taken the IELTS English exam test and got a 4.5, she only needed a 4.0. Then a month later after she had failed to actually get the visa the rules changed and now you need a 5.5 to get a visa. So now she has come back from Tian jing where she was teaching English at a kindergarten and is learning daily from Sarah and me. I have hope that she can get a good grade, even thought she needs to do a lot of work in a short period of time she is learning fast and studying hard.

So after the lesson Sarah, Danni and Cindy returned from their journey to Wu Tai mountain. (when I actually go myself I will write about it), They looked tired and wired. I could just feel the silent resentment between them. Not surprising since we had a long day yesterday and then today they got up at 4 in the morning and went to a crowded mountain and walked up 3 peaks. We went out to dinner at a hot pot restaurant. Sarah was strained but controlled Cindy’s smile held a barely perceivable hint of aggression and Danni, dear Danni boy was his meek silent self. I was surprised to hear that he is 39 years old, He acts like a 12 year old boy and Cindy is his mother. He whispers into her ear affectionately clutching at her. Cindy is forever cajoling him to be more open “ Danni ask for some tooth pick”, she says, “ oh I cannot see a waitress’ he whispers with head bowed and hunched shoulders as at least 5 waitresses watch in mesmerized entertainment as two foreigners are eating in the same restaurant. It’s pretty sad actually.

We ate lamb, pork and beef, thin long mushrooms, big wide ones, soft tofu squares, lettuce, sweet garlic and a few dishes which I could not tell what they were. I ate far too much and my stomach stuck out like some abstract paintings rendition of a pregnant woman. After the meal we all piled out of the restaurant and I watched as a man leered at Sarah walking down the steps, past him he watched her behind and saw her off to the road. I very nearly lost it and I walked up to him and stopped towering over him with all the bitter raging anger I could muster, he looked shocked and craned his neck to seek support from his friends who where crouching by the entrance of the restaurant they were not supportive. Like a ice cube in a pot of boiling water my inspiration for intimidation evaporated along with my rage and I walked on, I was impressed with myself as I heard the man chatting to his friends and them all laughing, it didn’t affect me. We walked back to the apartment and Candy went home. Dad was at home and he was emitting a distinctive peevish energy which thickened the atmosphere in the flat like lacquer poured into an apartment shaped cup of tea. “ whenever any guest comes to visit Dad is overly kind one day and then the next day he is resentful and angry, that’s why when ever my Mums family comes to visit they never stay at our place” Sarah said as we exited the pressurized flat. It was indeed so, yesterday he was cordial, today he was frigid and almost rude, which in China is actually very rude. Danni didn’t lower his glass last night when Dad toasted him and when Dad said  “ welcome to Xin zhuo” Danni said nothing, even with the motherly support of Cindy who said “ And what should you say back?”, I also found this a little rude, it’s all very well being quiet but at least temper it with curtsy other wise why don’t you just fuck off to a mountain and become a monk if you don’t or cannot be bothered with human communication?.

Anyhow enough opinions, we caught a ride to Mums communist training hotel and we all stayed there over night. Although at first I was pleased to find the room Sarah and I had had a bath and a TV I was disappointed to find that neither worked. Sarah was useless for convocation as she was deliriously tired so I delved into my brain and imagined what it would be like to have exactly what you wished for. It all grew very epic and scary as the night grew cold and Sarah’s snores brought me back to concrete reality. I lay in bed in the large dirty hotel room with my head on a pillow and my mind flitting. Ideas beyond the fingered skills of my written expression flowing like mystic mercury over my head. Sleep took me at the hour it always does. Late and unrememberable o, clock.

2 thoughts on “PART247

  1. dont pick a fight on a full stomach,perhaps its a case of not getting what you want but wanting what you have got.
    After sending you the two utube videos mum suggested they would not be alloweed in to China,did you get them.

  2. You should keep a tally of the hangovers , make interesting reading when you make old bones . Sounding a mite directionless there folks . This time of year is about confronting our inner demons , mind. ‘Tis also quite melancholy as the colour all drains back into the earth and the light turns from gold to grey.Descriptive but succinct writing.
    Heard a poem today ‘Has anyone seen my boy Jack?’ A war poem of course and very short but its ineffable sadness has had me blubbing for most of the day .Thats Autumn for you ..

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