PART243 swelling

Tuesday, 28th, September, 2010. The alarm woke me in the dark morning and I went to the bathroom to brush my teeth. My body was tired and aching because yesterday was quite a rigorous day of training. Sonic tooth brushing away I looked as my dim reflex ion in the mirror and was pleased to see that my left arm was looking pretty beefy, in fact very beef indeed. I flexed it and it stung slightly, it felt so big that I could not even bend it to a proper flex. I noticed it was a bit shiny and red as well. I compared it to my right arm and it was much bigger than the right. I t must have swollen but I could not understand why, I then noticed that my right shoulder was bulging up. With my awakening eyes I saw that I was lop sided with a shiny taught shiny bicep, like a balloon filled with too much air and a hunch back like right shoulder. It didn’t really affect my training but when I got back home my arm had ceased up and was now frozen and unable to bend. I felt retched. Bad knees, bad arm and shoulder what the hell was going on? I managed to drag myself to the park in the evening to do some Taiji, carful to dress up warm. I have set myself a goal to remember all my weapons forms again and also learn from an online video the Xin jia yi lu form over the next week. After a bit of slow and relaxed training where an old man came and watched me train and I felt pretty at piece and not auquard


I sat at a small outside noodles stall and drank the hot soup and noodles. An older couple came and sat at the stall as well and the man, a tall pock marked thin faced man started speaking English with me. He was a middle school teacher in Xin zhuo. His English was very good and he told me about when he used to live and work in Sichuan province. “Our school had exchange programs and we got a teacher from Switzerland, He was very young, only 20. All the teachers went out for a meal and we drank a lot of bie jiu, the boy from Switzerland got too drunk and he had found out that day that his grandmother had just died, “I want to kill myself” he screamed when we got back to the flat and he almost jumped out of his 4th floor window but we stopped him. The next day I got a text from him saying, Chinese alcohol is too strong”.

We both laughed at this and I wondered how many people have underestimated how strong or how much they have drunk and have suffered fatally for it either through alcohol poisoning or just doing something stupid. It was getting much colder and the tarpaulin make shift roof was doing nothing to abate the rising dust storm whipping around me. I bade them farewell and went back home to sleep.


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