Sunday, 26th, September, 2010.
The apex of knee pain hit me as I tried to get out of bed this morning and I am
afraid I sounded the yodel of retreat and disappeared back under the covers. I
was in fact aching all over, even my teeth felt cold and tired. I felt an
animal instinct to hobble to a quiet dark person less corner and die. Like a
dog at deaths door. I woke up again at 2:30 in the afternoon and like the
butterfly emerging bespangled in glorious colour and vim I was made a new.
Praise Jebus! The rest of the day passed quietly, I cycled to the local burger
shop and got an unhealthy dose of KFC alike food and wolfed it down.


After darkness fell our cat the ever rambunctious
Bojang or as I am calling him at the moment the Japanese samurai spy CATZU! was
keeping us awake with his antics. I remember waking up at about 4ish and seeing
his tiger like salute at the foot of the bed crouching in the beds undulating
duvet hills. Catzus very own hunting grounds. I could feel him looking at me
and he shot at me with alarming speed, I managed to let out a little yelp but
not before he had leapt in the air landing on my face with one paw in my open
mouth and our noses touching one another. Then as quick as he came he went
jumping back almost like in rewind, like a wire worked Kung fu warrior being
pulled up into the air. He then knocked over a cup and I gruffly barked at
Sarah to “ PUT IT OUTSIDE AND SHUT THE DOOOR!” and she did and that was the end
of that day


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