PART238 mid autumn festival

Wednesday, September 22, 2010 another
horrid night’s sleep and woke with ringing fatigued ears and body to find a
troop of relatives arrived because of the mid autumn festival. Sarah barked at
me to get out of bed and I did so wishing that I could dissolve into oblivion
and not face the relatives. Unfortunately I haven’t got a handle on molecular
deconstruction so I went out and greeted the horde of relatives who where
frantically cooking and cleaning the flat, even Sarah was scrubbing my cloths
in a basin in the bath room. We all ate at 11:20 which I suppose was lunch. Dad
and I drank some grain wine and beer and we ate the deep fried chicken legs,
traditional festive steamed dumplings and the fatty pork, the pork was the only
thing which was holding me back from a culinary rout to heaven. There where
strips of inch thick slices of fat with a slither of meat running betwixt. I
had one but it was like trying to defeat a stubborn bounce castle in my mouth
so I stuck to the dumplings dipped in garlic and vinegar, we ate some of the
moon cakes which are usually dry hard cakes with marzipan and other sickly
sweet things in them, I only had a nibble. After watching the relative bustle
and cajole to clear away I put the lap top head phones on and watched a film
and drank some more. A far cry from my last week’s controlled training. The
thing which is interesting is that you need to work hard for a week to achieve
a little but you can undo it all and more in a single day. A present is harder
bought and wrapped than received ripped open and discarded. I studied Mandarin
for an hour and waved my stick around unenthusiastically, trying my best to do
a little and achieve the sense of doing a lot. It does and never has worked. I
was kept up all night by two mosquitoes. At 1 I killed the first and at 5:30 I
killed the second.


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