PART237 a shitty day of nothingness

Tuesday, September 21, 2010. I had another
retched night’s sleep of wide eyed bored brained restlessness. When the dawn
came it was tipping it down and I went back to sleep, even if the wrestlers
where training which was very unlikely I certainly wasn’t going out and getting
a wet cold. I woke up again at 2:45, 15 minutes before I was expected to go
back to the afternoon class. I had dent eaten since yesterday and needed a
shower and with a dank weight of self disappointment and resentment I decided
not to go and train. What depressed me even more was that the rest of the week
was the mid autumn festival and there would be no wrestling all week. I began
drinking slowly and steadily until dinner time when Mum came home from work
with a 3 quarters full bottle of 20 year old Bei jiu she had pinched from a
government meeting at her work at the communist hotel. I drank most of it with
Dad and then continued my saucing until the early hours.


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