PART231 box story part 1

Carson town was a big place, Large buildings
some 20 stories high, There where supermarkets, Cinemas, shops. All the things
you would expect in a large town. Although there was a variety of buildings
they where all the same colour, built with the same material. Red bricks. It
had the strange effect of making the whole town look very similar all over and
where ever you went. Like the architect had molded their whole town with only a
few varieties of platerseen. The weather was similar in the fact that it was
almost always gray and foggy, not so much on street level but higher up just
above the highest buildings so that the sky was a perpetual glaring gray.


“Of course there is something going on, you
just need to open your eyes and look around you. This place is positively oozing
secrets and conspiracy” Windows said to his friends with gusto. Windows was the
only one at the restaurant who was not over weight and the only one standing
up. His friends consisted of 5 chubby men who slouched in their chairs around
the table. “Come on Windows, give it a rest just sit down and eat something
your looking a bit skinny” one of his friends laughed. Windows picked up the
menu and shock it above his head “tell me this, why have we never had a change
in the menu, it’s always the same. Nothing fresh, all this stuff you can buy at
the super market and even there they never have new or fresh things in stock, it’s
always tinned stuff or fake meat” Windows said. “That is a good point” said
another of his friends as he heaved himself up right looking disapprovingly at
the plate in front of him. “Its either fake stake with gravy and these soggy
beans or fake chicken in curry with hard broccoli” He said. “Exactly, so why isn’t
there any fresh food? We only live a short distance from the countryside and as
far as I know there are farms out there” Windows posed the idea. Windows looked
down as his friends no longer willing to listen had begun to eat from their
plates. The restaurant was full of people all shoveling in their food. Windows grimaced
involuntarily as he suddenly compared them to ravenous pigs munching from dirty
troughs, then he thought with a sinking heart that he had never seen a real pig
in his life only on nature programs on the TV. He gave up and sat down next to
friends and began to eat his dish of rice soup with sour pickled vegetables.


After the meal windows and his friends
slowly walked out of the restaurant into the wide quiet streets. The livid red
of the buildings and the glaring sky was unnatural and stark. Windows almost
started talking about how the wind always starts to blow a few seconds after
you come out of a building but he didn’t. He knew he annoyed his friends with
his idea but there were just so lazy and boring, if it wasn’t for their monotonous
cynicism which was as close to animated as they came they might as well just
have been like the pigs he had never seen. Everyone in this town just eats
works and sleeps and watches TV. It would not bother him so much if they were
happy but from years of watching as his family and friends quickly grew from
chubby to obese, while losing interesting in everything and merely going
through the motions of eating and working he wondered if there was a town wide
brake down in the interest and preservation of life. Windows knew this wasn’t true.
There was something more tangible behind all this. Behind the lethargy, behind
the subtle but cripplingly unhealthy food. How transport, once so cheap, safe
and fast with the booming discovery of effective solar fuel back in the 22nd
century had gone from everyone having their own private mini trains to them
slowly braking down, the tracks being sealed and removed due to health and safety
reasons, it was crazy! Windows thought as he watched his fat friends plod along
the pavment, the old mini trains where safer than walking. More people are
injured from tripping over on the street now than back in the day when mini
trains where around. Windows thoughts reached a pinnacle and then subsided as
he remembered that he had followed this train of thought countless times before
and it had led nowhere.



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