Part230 The end of the week and a free massage

Friday, September 17, 2010. I had a
brilliant dream last night that I went to Waitrose; I bought some chorizo, Parma
ham, avocado, tomatoes, mayonnaise and some thick white bread. I then went home
and made a god like sand wedge, heaven betwixt the grain. I never got to eat it
as is the case in so many dreams I find. Just the pursuit, never the gain.


I was about to add sage like that it’s just
like life, but really it’s nothing like life because in general I usually get
what I want. I think it was a very literal dream because last night Sarah and I
were chatting in bed about what sort of food we would like to eat if we were in
England. We worked our self’s up into a bit of a imaginary frenzy as to what we
would devour. We fell asleep with food on the brain. Translation of dream: I
want a nice sand wedge but I cannot because I am in China.


The alarm went off again at 5:30 and I immediately
turned it off. I haven’t slept well this whole week and its zapping my reserve
energy stash. So I justified staying in bed until the late morning. At midday
Sarah and I went to a massage bed place. Sarah has been raving about it all
week and asked me to come. We walked into a tall building and on the 4th
floor there was a long room, At one end there where low beds which looked like medical
stretchers, they has white TV like controllers hanging from metal holders with
their wires hanging down like a intravenous drip bag, on the bed where mainly
old women and the odd old man, the other half of the room separated by a low
fence was a audience of elderly people listening to a woman in a white lab coat
talking about health and how good the massage beds are for it.


When we arrived and where seen we got a big
clap from the audience and it reminded me of American TV shows with ultra friendly
supportive people “hello my name is Tim and I am a massagaholic”, “Hello Tim”,
this was amplified even more when they all began to sing together with the lab
coated woman leading the group in a military but friendly greeting song for us.
There were lots of encouraging claps and a woman with dark purple hair stood up
at the end and sung a song, It was a creaky, shaky tune which I was relieved to
find finished swiftly.


when the people who were on the massage beds had had their 40 minutes and
slowly got out of the massage beds and all smiled at each other as if they had all
shared a thin slice of heaven. We all rushed to a bed to clam one for our self’s
when they where vacated. It was free to have these massages and is an advertisement
for if you wanted to buy a massage bed, you are allowed to come for one session
everyday for free. The spaces fill up pretty fast but at midday there aren’t
many people who come. “There is a large cue at 7:30 in the morning” one of the
lab coats informed us. The massage bed was very pleasant, with hard nobly bits
slowly and warmly rolling up and down your spine, a jade stone heated things
was put on your stomach and you could move it around where ever you wanted.
After 40 minutes I was sweaty and drowsy not to mention thourghly relaxed. Not
even the blasting advertisements for the beds from the loud speaker had damaged
my calm.


After lunch I went to school, tired and
unenthused. It was Friday and an air of excitement was in the air as the
athletes of the sports collage congregated outside. Bunching together and then
quickly dispersing at the sharp order from their coach. Some moving to the
basketball courts, some into the compound area to the matted gyms, others to
the weight training gym and some began their run around the circlet. We the
wrestlers took our place in the centre of the running ring and madly kicked a
foot ball around for a few minutes before Coach Ma ordered us to the basketball
courts. I marveled as this group of highly athletic, fit coordinated young men
who managed to play such a shockingly unskilled game of basket ball. It was
like watching Steven Hawkins furrow his brow over a simple math’s equation.
Almost surreal. After a couple of excuses for a game Coach Ma made us do
sprinting drills and long stretches on the running area. I watched the fencers
bouncing along in a line holding imaginary foils as I supported a painful
splits on the dirty ground. After 5 minutes of this same stretch I was almost
able to do a real side splits. When ordered up I didn’t manage to get up the
same way I went down so I just fell on my behind, sighed with relief and then
got up again and wiped my bum clean. It was the weekend and although training
was also conducted on Saturday I decided that I would forgo and replenish my
whole for two days and start again on Monday afresh. One week down. The first
is always the hardest but the rest are the ones which count I suppose. But then
again in the real long run nothing matters, Life is like a dense orb of granite
and quick silver all at the same time and the human is like a cheap kitchen strainer.
It’s all going to pass through us or is not going to fit at all. Either way we
should stick to what we were made for. A short period of service draining the
odd green vegetable. Oh what the fuck am I talking about?


On the way home I saw a section of the road
was littered with black shiny leaflets. I picket one up and checked on one side
there where pictures of Japanese solders cutting farmers heads off and farmers
with blistering bulbuls limbs, the result of the Japanese virus experiments no doubt.
All in stark grainy black and white pictures. I didn’t understand the Chinese characters
but they were written in dripping blood red. The other side of the leaflet had
pictures of large battle ships on a back drop of dark blue with fierce letters
bashing out of the page. Intrigued as to the meaning of this paper I took it
home and thrust it into my wife’s translating hands. “What does this mean?” I
demanded, ready to slap a congratulatory hand on my own back at deducting it
was a poster promoting Japanese hatred. Keeping the flame alive. “ It’s a advert
for a new pub, it says If we go to war with Taiwan we will give one month’s
salary, if we go to war with America we will give one year’s salary, if we go
to war with Japan we will give our whole lives”


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