PART229 one minute to the next

Thursday, September 16, 2010. Rampant
thoughts regurgitated in my head all night, keeping me awake in the same way
trying to sleep with the radio blaring an uninteresting talk show on would. Oh
God I wanted to sleep. I slept for an hour between 4:00 untill about 5:30 when
yet again the heart plummeting sound of the alarm roused me from my slight
sleep. Sarah gave me a encouraging dig in the ribs with her foot and said authoritatively
“get up now” with her eyes still closed, clutching the pillow. This had the desired
affect and I got out, put on my knee warmers, my poor creaky knobble knees are
sensitive to training so I wear warming knee supports in the morning. Today we
trained in the dusty centre of the running track instead of in front of the large
elevated TV screen in the park. I had little or no energy today and I slugged through
the basic exercises doing what I could but by no means my best. Being realistic
your cannot go balls out every day of the week, you need to pace yourself.


Later in the morning I did my little routine
of stick waving, mandarin and shower while washing my sweaty cloths( maybe it
should be called washowering from now on) then I spread myself like an eagle on
our bed but to my maddening realization I could not sleep. I was almost
deliriously tired yet I barely slumber, at best I closed my eyes and relaxed.


Yet again in the afternoon session I was
not on top form and I practiced trying to use as little energy as possible when
I was wrestling. My Taiji training helped with this and after a 10 minute bout
with a much fitter opponent than me, he was breathing heavily and stopping
frequently while I was still dry and reasonably relaxed. It’s one of the
advantages on being taller than your opponent, you can keep them comfortably at
arm’s reach while they stress and strain about trying to get into their own throwing
zone. A bigger senior chap came to the class today. I could feel him watching
me and he shooed away my opponent and grinning at me giving a small nod. It
shall be known as the “let’s dance whitey!” nod from now on. He was short and
thin with a body like Bruce lee, wiry muscles like the strings inside a piano where
heavily defined beneath his taught tanned skin. We patted each other on the head
a bit and he push me in the face and I yanked his neck and he went in of a leg
grab and I got out of the way then I went in for a double leg grab and he got
out of the way but not before I had speared my erect middle finger into his upper
leg. My finger jarred horribly and I shook it ( as if to shake off the injury).
I then tried again at the double leg take down and he went crashing to the
floor “one more” he said smiling as he quickly shot back up to his feet. We
minced around with the patting and the pushing for a while longer and I was
very tired, I went in for another single leg grab managed to lift his leg off
the ground and he counter attacked by pushing my head away from him while
trying to force his leg back to the ground. It succeeded and I smote my own
ruin on the dirty mats and lay limp breathing heavily. The wrestler helped my
back to my feet and we both sat down and rested.


On the way back home three beautiful young
girls waved at me and I waved back at them, when I was almost home I heard the
pitter pattering of running feet behind me and I turned to see the three girls
running after me, when they say they were discovered they threw their hands up
in the air, shrieked hysterically and ran back in the opposite direction. It
reminded me of when a man once followed Sarah and I back home, I prefer when
girls are following me instead of creepy men with strange blank expressions on
their face. Almost home I passed under a scaffold roof protecting the road from
the large shopping centre being built on the other side of the road. There was
a row of bikes and electric mopeds parked by the left hand side of the road and
a mother with her son where walking along the side of the parking area and the
mother tripped and fell into one of the push bikes, This had the dramatic
effect of all the bikes slowly and loudly dominoing down in succession. The air
was filled with alarms whaling and on lookers shouting. How quickly it happened.
On minute you’re just walking along next minute BOOM!



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