PART226 strained buttocks

Monday, 13th, September, 2010. I
rose easily and with noticeable energy. On the way to school at 5:45ish I
watched as some middle school students made their way to school. Bleary eyed
and void of expression as they rode on their bikes, Street sweepers in florescent
high visibility waist coats and large carts to put their sweepings in. I also
saw a very black sleek cat slink around a gate way. In the morning run I realized
that I was overflowing with beans. I could not contain my energy and I sprinted
round the track until I could go no further. Exercise is an incredible release
of stress, its hard work but it’s simpler than trying to think away your
problems. With exercise it’s straight forward. During the stretching I managed
to seriously strain my buttocks. I did it while I was attempting to bounce my
almost compete front splits all the way to the cold ground. I was inches away
but I knew I was not going any further. When I got up I was very aware of a
burning weak sensation down my flanks, it made the rest of the morning’s
exercises very hard and in some cases impossible. Having strained buttock is an
incredibly debilitating experience. But the humor was not lost to me and I worked
my way up into a little giggling fit as I walked back home along the now noisy
and crowded streets. There is just something about the buttocks which gets the giggles
going. BUTTOCKS!


I have a rather clever system of cleaning
my cloths at the moment. I take my sweaty training gear into the shower with me
and wash them while I am showering and because I am only washing a t shirt,
boxers and socks it’s all very quick and painless. It also saves my clothes
from rotting for a day in stale sweat until the rank aroma of BO is irrevocably
encased in the fabric. I have lost many a t shirt to that fate before. Lack a
day. I listened to a short story in Mandarin on the lap top. I am teaching
myself at the moment. I am finding that when I put my mind to it I can learn
quickly. I trick myself into only doing 20 minute lessons at a time. A full one
hour lesson freaks the shit out of me and I would never do it. Finding any
excuse to not to.


Tim: I am just going out to get some water
we are out


Sarah: No we aren’t, there’s a whole bottle


Tim: dam! aaaaaalright I am going to get
some chocolate then


Sarah: don’t you remember I got you some
yesterday, it’s in the fridge


(Quick pause, then slamming of door as Tim
hot foots it out of the flat)


Then I thrashed my weapons around. I am
trying to use as many weapons for training at the moment to get a diverse
knowledge of wielding. Sticks, wooden sword, real sword. Bendy metal truncheon,
machete, long thin stabby knife, small flick knife and lastly but by no means
least the big flick knife. It’s very interesting to feel the differences. With
sticks I feel that I need more technique, to use the whole body to create
momentum and power and it does not matter which side of the stick you hit with.
I like the stick a lot; it has a good weighty swing to it. With the sword it’s
a completely different length, much longer so you really need to use the whole
body and I imagine a completely different battle compared to a stick or knife.
With knifes I am much more aware that you need to point the blade towards the
imaginary opponent. It sounds obvious I know but it’s something I am more conscious
of when using a knife compared to a stick, you cannot cut someone with the flat
of the blade. With machetes you slash with pointy knifes you stab. Slashing
feels fluid and natural where as stabbing it jerky and repetitive. Interesting


Yet again Coach Ma wasn’t there to train us
but to my relief the students quickly got on with training and we had a mini
competition. I managed to beat 5 people in a row and the last one and I fell to
the ground at the same time and I hit first so he won. I had a few bleeding
cuts on my wrists hands and neck. I wondered what must have caused them and
then I saw one of the students a stocky muscle young man from Xin Jiang had a
dirty and very long thumb nail. I deducted that it was from that gnarly thing
that I had obtained my razor thin wounds. We just wrestled throughout the
lesson, no technique learning at all. It was fun and very tiring and afterwards
I was shattered. Walk home, watch film with Sarah then bed.


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