PART207 Dick in the park

Tuesday, 24th, August, 2010. Another
quiet day. I went for a massage and Sarah came along bringing Bojang who immediately
took cover under the sofa until the end of my massage when I lifted it up and snatched
the filthy little bugger out of his hiding hole. He obviously isn’t ready for
getting out of the house yet. Dad cooked rabbit today and apart from smelling
like cat food it tasted really good. Nice and soft and with a mild flavor. Very
pleasant indeed. Then to the park for Taiji in the evening. I was enjoying
watching and correcting Sarah’s form when a tall fat young man waddled up with
his hands arrogantly placed behind his head. He watched at close range, which
always pisses me off greatly even though I know it’s not rude in China. Then he
spoke to Sarah saying it was bad that a foreigner was teaching a Chinese Taiji.


“Why is it bad?” I asked, getting involved


“It’s just a shame” he replied


“do you know Taiji?” I asked back, not
liking him one bit


The answer was no.


“a lot of Chinese do not know Taiji” I
snapped back at him


“Yes they are too busy studying” he said
with disinterest taking off his glasses and showing them to me. I was furious,
this fat fuck who didn’t know any Taiji himself had the audacity to come up to
me while I was teaching and say that it was a shame that me as a foreigner was
teaching Taiji. What? So Chinese should not teach yoga? Only native people
should teach their own countries skills? I suppose you also think I should not
be in a relationship with a Chinese as well? Do you think Chinese are better
than foreigners at Taiji?.


Then why do we beat you all in competitions?
How come I have never seen a Chinese in an MMA fight?. How come foreigners also
beat you in form competitions? Foreigners are one of the reason why real Taiji
is actually being kept alive in the world as opposed to turning into a
castrated wushu form like so many other martial arts in your country which
where stamped out by Chinese, shriveled up died and them cobbled back together
by a bunch of idiot officials who didn’t know their ear hole from their arse
hole and turned it into some meaningless dance. Well fuck you and fuck off. I
am sick of this ignorant racism. I boiled with fury and did a very angry version
of the fast form which felt really good and then we went back home and I cooled


One thought on “PART207 Dick in the park

  1. Tim Tim Tim . So much anger . You can’t educate idiots …at best you can frighten or intimidate them but you can’t enlighten them .If you give them the power to torment then you have lost . Let them keep their gifts .No one can push you around unless you allow them to .

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