PART204 (a short story) Mrs. Grimsly

The service was flippant, thought old Mrs.
Grimsly “We are moving into a new age of Christianity, we must embrace the lord
with open hearts and joy”, what utter rot she thought as she remembered the new
vicars words.


Mrs. Grimsly was a God fearing English woman
and proud of it. She walked back home in her Sunday best. “Victor, come along
will you!?” She snapped irritably back at her dawdling husband who was chatting
with the Thatchers from Upper close. “Why you talk to those ghastly people I
will never know” Mrs. Grimsly spoke to her Husband as he caught up with her. “They
are pleasant enough, I think it’s good to keep contact with the other members
of our community” Mr. Grimsly meekly suggested. “They may be members of our
community but they are not members of our Church are they?” she shot back at
him with venom, “and what’s more they sent their children to that terrible alternative
school , God have mercy on those poor unsavables”. She added as her
Husband hadn’t appeared suitably cowed by her first remark. “Yes dear” he gave
in. “And they are all going to hell anyway so no need to get to know them, If
you lie down with dogs you get up with flees, now would you hurry up now,
Heaven to Betsy! we will miss our lunch if we don’t watch out” She bullied for
good measure.


Silently the Grimsly’s walked home single
file, Mrs. Grimsly taking the impatient lead. “What was wrong with the old Vicar
I have no idea” Mrs. Grimsly huffed in wonder as they entered the front door to
their small cottage on the golf course. “His services where reverent and appropriate
for these Godless times we live in” She said as she shooed her husband into the
kitchen. “Yes Dear, I suppose it is just that these days people look for something
more cheerful and modern, the old Vicar was a little old school wasn’t he?” Mr.
Grimsly said softly as he put the kettle on. “NONSENCE” exploded Mrs. Grimsly, “I
do wish that you would stop being such an ass and think before you say such
things. Godless time Victor, Godless! And come judgment day they will all burn
it hell I tell you!” She spoke with a shrill nasal voice which pricked the ears
of the next door nabours dog, playing in the garden. “Yes dear” Mr. Grimsly said
as he rifled through the cupboards for the biscuit tin. “Quit right, for heavens
sake Victor, the left, look to your left there’s the tin just there, and don’t
eat too many do you hear?” She snapped in a slightly less shrill tone, unruffling


Mr. Grimsly thought how this last statement applied
more to his overweight wife more than himself. Fearing as always that she could
read his mind he shivered involuntarily and took down the biscuit tin. When the
tea was ready and the biscuits where put out on a small plate they both sat
down at the kitchen table. Mr. Grimsly holding his cup with both hands and gazing
out of the window at the trees noiselessly swaying in the sun light. Mrs.
Grimsly sat spectacled and hunched getting through a newspaper cross word with
pursed lips and a look of annoyance in her eyes, as if the cross word was seriously
inconveniencing her.


A sudden guttural grown distracted Mrs.
Grimsly and she looked up with her pointy nose and say her husband. Hands tense
and gnarled like animal claws, his face fat and red and eyes wide and scary, He
was hunched over the table reaching out towards her in a threatening manner as
if to drag her towards him. “Heavens to Betsy, Victor stop this at once have
you gone quite mad?. An inhuman spluttering jutterd out of the dribbling mouth
of her husbands, His eyes had turned blood shot and red. He lurched round the
table trying to grab at her with stiff arms. Mrs. Grimsly, shot out of her chair
with a scared shriek and she moved around the other side of the table to get
out of Mr. Grimlsys path. “Oh Victor, your scaring me stop it this instance,
what is wrong with you?”. Now her husband’s face was going a deep red and
almost purple in some parts and he clutched madly at his neck with both hands
and staggered around, his eyes darting around the room, they fixed on the paper
which Mrs. Grimsly was doing the cross word on and he shot at it like a rabid
dog. He clutched the pen with a fist and wrote something on the news paper


Mrs. Grimsly gasped and shook her clenched
fists in front of her face in Biblical terror. 666 he had written 666 on the
news paper almost tearing it with his haste. “Oh dear lord save me from this
demon” She shrieked in such a piercing voice that it sent the nabours dog
bolting down to the end of the garden. “SAVE ME FROM THIS DEVIL, SAVE MEEEE!”
The stiff movements, the mad eyes the number of Satan all reminded her of the
service the old Vicar had given on Possession, how unworthy souls have their
bodies taken over by the devils minions, with arms waving wildly she ran out of
the kitchen and even without putting on her shoes she ran out of her house
screaming loudly all the way down the road.


The coriners report stated that Victor
Grimsly died at 12:20 on Sunday 23rd of May due to having a crunchy
nut biscuit stuck in his wind pipe. The inspector found that the deceased had
written 999 on a daily mail news paper in the kitchen in some attempt to inform
his wife to call an ambulance. Even faced with this evidence Mrs. Grimsly stuck
to her original thoughts on the matter. That her husband had been possessed my Satan
himself for speaking bad words about the old Vicar and possibly for having
spoken to the Thatchers as well.


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