PART195 Bungee

Saturday, 14th, August, 2010. I
woke up today with Sarah in my arms, my surroundings changed and a weight
lifted. I woke up slowly and with luxurious happiness. We had a meaty lunch
washed down with beer. In the afternoon I read and wrote, comfortable to sit on
the bed and relax.


The evening took us out to a barbecue area.
Many different barbecues sizzling lamb, pork beef and other meats.There where
lining the pavment to the busy road, the sun shining pleseny. Some cooking
Hunan pancakes and vegetables. Haohao, Sarah and I sat down and slowly munched
our way though meat, pancake and aubergine as the hot sun slowly went down. A
grounp of energetic children came to try and communicate with me but Sarah
scared them away. Two highly make upped girls glancing over occasionally at us
giggling away. We finished and walked along the dusty pavement, over the rail
way track and up towards the amusement area. I desperately needed a wee and
dashed around a large bush by the pavement and relieved myself. As I was doing
so I noticed a near foot away from me head was a big fat spider tensing on his
web. I shuddered with fear and ignored it until I was well away and I brushed myself
off with paranoid strokes. We arrived at the circus area and Haohao wanted to
go on the bungee ball. I thought that getting into a metal ball thrown high up
in the air by rubber ropes in a small town in china, in a almost deserted amusement
park was pretty much a invitation to God to punch us in the face “ Come on God
I dare you… I DARE you”. I have always had a bit of a complex from child hood
since I was made fun of for being too chicken to climb trees or do anything
slightly dangerous and now that I have grown a pair I intend to show myself
that I can do things like theme park rides.


Haohao: Do you want to go on the bungee?


Tim: Yes please


We walked up the rickety stares to the metal
cage and the old assistant pointed with his cigarette to sit on the left seat.
I got in and Hao hao sat next to me. Seat belt, metal thing over midriff.
Juttering mechanic vibrations as we prepared to be shot into the air.
Horrifying feeling from long ago of being unimaginably scared. Gripped side of
seat vice like. 3…2…1. PING!. For a short time we where propelled into the air
and spun around in the ball. I didn’t know what the hell was going on. But I
was still screaming loudly. It ended, I felt exhilarated and felt like I had found
a new hobby. When I get to a safer country I think a proper theme park is in
order. An exhilarated smile unable to be put away was plastered on my face for
hours after.


As we walked back Haohao told us a story of
when he was in the arm and he was part of a mining operation. One of the dynamites
didn’t go off and the boss ordered Haohao and his friend to go and check it
out. They did so and the blast went off. His friend was thrown out of the mine
and horribly injured. Haohao put him on his back and ran back to base through
the massive dense forest. His friend kept talking until he died on Haohaos
back. He said it was the scariest thing he ever experienced and from then on he
was not scared of anything else.

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