PART192 the second stage of leaving Haikou

Wednesday, 11th, august, 2010.
Sarah woke me up early which was much resented even though I requested it. I
got up and we went out to cash in our arcade tokens at the shopping centre
arcade. At first I had grand aspirations to over a long period of time stack up
enough tokens from the games to buy a big remote controlled helicopter, it was
about 20000 tokens, but alas things fell rather short and after feeding our
tokens through the counting machine the total came to 700. So we got a knee
support and some finger warmers instead.


Then we went down to the sushi restaurant
and had our last meal there. Me having a large bowl of sea food noodles and
Sarah sticking with the traditional sushi things. Then back home where I got
mildly drunk and watched TV. Most of the beer we got at the super market
intended for the journey ahead was slowly consumed in the afternoon. We went
out to the Hunan restaurant for supper and then back home. A dawning realization
is creeping into my brain that we are off very soon. That special atmosphere is
hovering around turning my life into an adventure yet again. My student Hitler
asked his driver to take us to the train station and we all packed into his car
and chatted on our way to the train station. I watched as the palm trees went
by and thought about how I may never be back here again. Not a thought which
pains me.


Adam laughed when I put on my seat belt and
I asked why he didn’t. “Oh I just put it across my body but don’t plug it in,
the feeling is restricted”.  What a
stupid thing to do and say I thought to myself with anger. Just the sort of
attitude which gets people killed. The sort of attitude all the irresponsible
taxi drivers here take. Draping the seat belt arose but not actually plugging
it in. A teenage rebellion against things which are common sense because being
safe isn’t cool. What a pile of shit. I suddenly felt very glad that we were
leaving and I couldn’t get out quick enough.


The train station was surprisingly quiet
and clean compared to the other ones I have seen in China. The train was late
by 2 hours and by the time we got on I had only one beer left and had eaten a
lot of the food. Very much like the cinema, when you drink and eat everything
before the film actually starts. We got on the sleeper train. Cubicles with 6
beds 3 on each wall. Sarah and I had the bottom two ones and after stowing our
luggage under our beds we lay down and opened the curtains and looked out into the
dark night. After half an hour the carriages where loaded onto a boat and taken
across from the island to the mainland. I was expecting a dramatic view of the
sea and the strangeness of a train on a boat to be exciting.


We only saw the inside of the boat which
was not very interesting and the only way I could tell we were on a boat was
that when I lay on my bed my head felt full of blood and I slowly and uncomfortably
was squashed against the wall. I fell asleep at an unknown hour. Drifting in
and out of dreams from one place to the next.


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