PART188 bad grain wine

Saturday, August 07, 2010. I slept very
badly last night and my unchecked thoughts got on my nerves. It’s a sad day
when you start getting on your own nerves. I suppose that’s one befits of sleep;
we can get a break from ourselves. So I woke up early and for went to work for
the first time in 3 days. I could have missed class again today but it is my
last one at new window and I felt like coming in for the nostalgia. I have had
some very good times here and a lot of the people who work here are good. I had
a demo in the morning and then I spent the rest of the morning chatting to the
giggly front desk girls who I have grown rather fond of. When my last lesson
was over I got my things together and said a last good bye to everyone. It was
funny doing this when they were all just thinking that they would see me again
next week sometime. I waved to Windy (yes windy not Wendy), Ann and Tracy as I
got onto the elevator. They smiled and waved cheerily as I left.


Later I went back home and finished off a
rough draft of a new short story. It just plopped out of me. I wrote a bit this
morning then I came back home and a few hours later I had the skeleton of a story
jiggling around in front of me. I had a really good “HELLO” thrown at me today.
A gruff group of workers were huddled over gambling in the bike lane and as I
walked near them I saw one of them with that look in his eyes that “oh I am
going to shout something clever at this foreigner”. He did so and everyone
laughed. I raised my hand high in the air and bellowed back “HURRO!” mimicking
to the best of my ability the workers thick southern accent. An even bigger
laugh went up as I passed by and the offended worker gave me a nasty sneer as I
steamed on towards the bus stop.


I got an urge to drink so I went down to
the convenience shop down stairs and got a few beers and a big bottle of Bai
jio. It was a large one and only 4.5 yuan(45p), which even for China is very
cheap. When I got it home I Popped open the clay top and had a triple shot. It
was not that it tasted nasty like most grain wines, it tasted wrong. As if I
was drinking a liquid candle with paint stripper in it. I only had one shot and
now the bottle it sits eye balling me under the table in the study “come on you
have only had a little, have another one NOW!!” I ignored it and kept on with
my writing.


never like to leave a man behind but really this is just water with unrefined
alcohol and a few herbs dipped in. I hear many stories about fake Chinese
alcohol being made with industrial grade alcohol which puts masses in the
hospital and the grave yard. So I think I will not drink anymore of it……I will
try just one more shot to see how bad it actually is.


3 thoughts on “PART188 bad grain wine

  1. Oh lordy Tim ..if it’s not one thing it’s another .Think about your liver …your pancreas ….your poor poor spleen.Eheu.more white hairs .

  2. Not as easy as you might have thought, I finished the whole thing off and was only in hospital for a day………yes I binned it after another shot, it was dangerous stuff

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