PART181, writing exercise

Monday, 2nd, August, 2010. Another
day off, apart for teaching Hitler in the morning. He is a good student and the
class always goes so quickly. Sarah spent last night at Adams house because
last night at 5, o, clock she went online (Adam has the internet) and applied
for the New Zealand visa. I got a call from her early in the morning saying she
got the visa. Later that morning after Hitler’s class I went out to see Sarah.
I met her and she looked very tired from getting up so early. She told me that
even though she apparently got the visa while she was filling in the form
online someone else must have done it quicker and took her spot. She didn’t look
too pleased about it. So we must wait for next month to do the same thing
again, fingers crossed.


Sarah went to bed and I went to the coffee
shop again to go on the internet, I had a cappuccino which was bitter, watery coffee
with whipped cream from a can on top. China is not well known for its coffee.
It not very good at all.


I went home after a bit and sat around
reading on the sofa. I am putting into practice what my “how to write book” has
taught me. I am not underestimating the importance of lounging on a sofa
letting my imagination run free. It was both pleasurable and productive as I
came up with an idea for another short story and I thought out how to finish
off my latest Larry story. Even though I know how it’s going to end I didn’t know
how it was going to get to the end. But now I do and it’s all thanks to lying
on the sofa butt naked looking out of the window, with the breeze wafting round
my…knees. It’s all very reminiscent of being back at school, being stuck in a
classroom and turning my head to the window and catapulting my mind out the
window into the sky. It’s been rather fortunate that the TV broke and we have
no internet. It leaves more time to drape myself around the flat and set my
mind adrift. And THAT! Is funnily enough what my next story is going to be


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