Friday, 31, July, 2010. I had such a dam
good sleep the night before that I woke up at 9:30 and was safely out of bed
without even the slightest grumble by ten. This along with my rejection of
alcohol in favor of dragon fruit and Durian (Durian with a capital D as it’s
the king of fruit) has given me a suspicions feeling that something unknown is
going on internally. Am I still the same Johnson that I was before? I certainly
hope not, but I would be interested to know where he legged it off to. I am
sure he will return in due course when all this early bedding and rising and abstinence
of beer has crumbled me into submission with boredom.


Next subject, I got out of bed prematurely
and Sarah gave a questioning “EHH!?” from beneath the sheets as I parted the
mosquito net to get out. “Yes, I know” I replied flatly. I had the whole
morning and until 2:30 to do as I pleased and I was pleased to loaf around like
a thick cut slice of hovis floppy white bread propped up by a book.


Later I went to work and shouted at my
students to let them know I was not best pleased with their less than
enthusiastic approach to studying “What can you find in a classroom?”………silence
“OK, classroom, what is in this classroom?”…….silence “What is this?, this is a…?”…………silence,
“OK Jacky, what is this?”……..silence.


This was with a bunch of teenager who have
been learning English for years and usually can have a basic conversation with
each other. I insulted quickly and with big words to bamboozle them so they wouldn’t
get offended and then I got back to the job of pretending to teach them.


The evening class with my once morbid now
jolly class went like a flash. I sat back and watched them play a game for the
last 20 minutes and actually I didn’t want the lesson to finish it was going so
well. But it did finish. I got on the crowded bus back home and saw a girl
pulling out of a bag a small frilly black lace undergarment. I looked at it and
the girl looked at me as if I had just peeped into her private bathroom while
she was changing. She shot some eye daggers at me and then shoved her nighty
back in the bag. I thought how I got a taste of my own medicine of how I deal
with staring people on the bus. I don’t think I was staring but then again I don’t
think people who ogle at me think they are staring either.


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