PART174 fighting giant octopuses

Monday, 26th, July.  I dreamt that I was fighting a bright red
octopus with the aid of my black flying dog last night. My flying dog was able
to shrink to the size of a few inches (not much help when you’re fighting a
giant octopus). The octopus was a small shell which I agitated by trying to pry
it off the wall then it got annoyed and wrapped its vice like tentacles around
my ankles and tried to throw me around while growing into a gargantuan creature.
Just before I woke up my trusty flying dog had swooped down and nipped off a
few straggly tentacles. Then I was roused by Sarah.


“Tim I have some sea food, come and try it”,
I am not really a big fan of sea food when I have just opened my eyes but she
was very insistent and I didn’t want to disappoint her. I shuffled into the
kitchen after her and saw the counter was full of steamed clams and other shell
fish. Sarah got a big one, squeezed a lime on it and thrust it in my face.
Bleary eyed I sloshed it down the gullet, twas very tasty indeed, but I had barely
woken up. “Here have another one”, Sarah badgered enthusiastically as she offered
up a small clam to me. The sight of this slippery mess made me feel disturbed
and irritated and I grunted and fled the kitchen and sat down in the air
conditioned study, Don’t get me wrong I will throw anything down my trap at a
respectable hour like 6 in the evening when my vim is high but I am delicate
and stiff in the morning, I need time to warm up the vim. I thought glumly about
how I had to work the next day. About half an hour later I had diarrhea. I
label the slippery shelled thingy I had let loose on an unready belly the


Today was extra floppy, I flopped like the
best of them, I ate fruit by the computer and drank a lot of water, we watched
two awful films one after another and I was peeved and disappointed by the end
of them both. Such rotten, boring vapid films. Later we continued to flop until
we dragged our self’s to bed. Its getting hot again and my ruddy rash its making
a comeback. On with the air con!.


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