Sunday, 25th, July. I got up
late and blasted myself with cold water in the shower. I loafed around the
house, reading and watching films on the computer. In the evening Sarah and I
went to a big Muslim restaurant. It was 2 stories and had Arabian like architecture.
There was a dance show on the stage at the front of the restaurant. We ordered
lamb and Chinese hamburgers and had a very lively meal as the veiled women
twirled around below on the first floor, we sat on low benches with carpets and
pillows. Waiters whisked past us with silver tray with whole lamb legs. It was medieval.
When we finished I insisted on getting a taxi back. I was not in the mood to
try and wait for a bus and then get off a long way away from our place and
walk. It was a relaxing day. Our departure is looming near and I sometime feel
a bit delirious wanting to go. The thought of my rash going and not having to
teach again fills me with joy.


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