PART165(untitled part3)

“Shades are important to our cleansing
plan, the motto being “hear no evil, see no evil”, shades where a small but
vital part in our plan to completely eliminate conflict from our society. Even
with our medicine and the Zen string there was bound to be mistakes in everyday
life, what many don’t even know is that mistakes are a form of conflict. When a
conflict mistake occurs and people witness it, path ways are reopen in their
brains and the image and idea of conflict plants a small but deadly seed. If on
the other hand people do not even see conflict mistakes then it simply does not
exist in their minds. What you can’t see you can’t imagine. With our rapid advancements
in behavior science it is only a matter of time before our next generation will
not ever hear or ever need the word anymore. Hear no conflict see no conflict”.


Chairman Finch was now kneeling down by the
shores edge and as a small wave smoothly crawled up toward him he playfully
jumped up crying out in joyous alarm and ran up the beach.


changed on Larry’s set of shades and a bright red flash took him by surprise.


FREE INSTALMENTS( a colorful cartoon image sped in front of Larry, showing a
smiling jump suit worker walking gaily into a room with a doctor and lying on a
bed, shaking the smiling doctors hand, the door closed but a second later the
jump suit worker opened the door and walked out again. He looked at his watch
and gasped, then reaching into his pocket he pulled out a pill. The Doctor appeared
again and wagged his finger affectionately at the worker tapping him on the
head, the worker looked confused and took out of his other pocket the Zen
string, a tangled mass of wires and pads, the Doctor laughed and waged his
finger a second time and said “you don’t need these anymore you’ve got a Hestia
installment now, all the great benefits of the anti conflict range but without
the hassle of having to remember to take it”. The worker looked stunned “what
you mean I don’t have to take the pills or anything anymore?”  “THAT’S RIGHT” cried the Doctor leaping in the


Larry remember seeing this show just before
he had own Hestia installment




Another cartoon jumped up, the same
friendly sump suit worker walking with a spring in his step back into the
Doctors room. This time the Doctor pointed at the workers Shades. The worker
looked puzzled but the Doctor patted him on the shoulder and raised his eye brow,
then the worker grinned and took off his shaded and threw them into a rubbish
bin. At this Larry tensed a little and unknowingly gripped the plastic handles
of his seat.


The doors closed again on the cartoon
worker and a second later he opened the door and strolled out whistling,
suddenly a red cone light popped up out of the floor and the worker felt around
for his shades, he could not find them but then his eyes turned into doors
which snapped shut quickly. The worker stood there smiling and the doctor
waltzed up to him with his own eye doors and placed his hand on the workers
shoulder, they both laughed as the red cone flashed on the floor. “ NOW WITH


The show was
over and Larry took off his shades and blinked rubbing his eyes. Chairman Finch
was grinning up in the gold sector looking at the workers. “The Tiresies installment
will be launched two Saturdays from now, your superiors will inform you of the
time and place, have a good day team and keep up the good work”


Chairman Finch
gave a large slow motion wave and the thousands of workers burst out into ecstatic
applause, Larry joined in, getting to his feet along with everyone else, piercing
wolf whistles and whooping erupted and Chairman Finch motioned them to quiet
down as if they where praising him too much, he smiled and left the gold


Larry kept
looking up at the bright gold podium as the claps died down he thought about
how lucky he was just to be able to work here. He walked slowly out of the isle
with the mass of jump suits, waited for the lift and exited the factory again.
It was 9:45 so he had a short break until 10:10. He walked out into the middle
of the massive tarmac area and watched as the seemingly endless mass of people
exited and either went left to the tall office blocks or right to the other
smaller doors of the plant. Groups of people stood outside on their brake
chatting to each other. From a distance the fact that only suited people talked
to each other suits and only jump suits talked to each other was very apparent.
It looked like large splojes of colour clinging together. A small group of
smartly dressed office workers where near their office bloke smoking together
laughing at something while a group of green jump suits where near the main
entrance of the plant mostly with their hands in their pockets, not really


 Larry tried to catch Dick in the throng but didn’t
see him. He had probably used the internal lift and was near the roof now, the
green jump suits where mainly involved with the solar work or anything to do
with energy. Dick had worked hard in school so he went on to learn about solar installations
and things like that. Larry hadn’t done that well at school but threw his
Mother who knew one of the high up officials at Concord she got him a job as a
cleaner, Larry had the chance to move up the ranks but he found cleaning to be
well suited for him. He was not too interested in solar or sitting at a desk
all day. Dick had obtain tried to persuade him otherwise.


“You know all
you have to do is study the text book, its only small then you just take the
test, it’s dead easy. Then you get more money and more benefits”.


Larry would laugh
when Dick said things like this. “ I like what I am doing now why would I


When the bell
rand signaling the end of break time Larry walked toward the small maintenance door
on the right hand side of the plant. He entered the large maintenance room, It
was pitch black and Larry fumbled about near the door trying to find the light
switch. He found it and the bright Florissant lights tinkled and blinked on reveling
the large shelved room. It was cool and echoic. Metal shelves with floor
polish, industrial size packets of loo roll, soap and buckets where all neatly
stacked in efficient order. Larry walked towards his desk on the opposite side
of the room. It looked bare and gloomy. He never used it for anything apart from
putting his feet up on during lunch.


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