Part164, Guffawing

Wednesday, 7th, July, 2010. I didn’t
sleep last night again because of the heat. I just watched films and wrote on
the computer (am I writing or typing?). I watched the sun rise and went and
joined Sarah in bed at about 7 in the morning where I read a P.G Wodehouse
book. The heat of the day slowly and constantly reminded me of its presence to the
point that even sitting motionless on the bed reading caused me to sweat. I
slept in the afternoon as I had no classes today. Went to the gym in the
evening and did Yoga and an excellent Cycling class. We had a new instructor
who brought some very inspirational music with him and I peddled like a mad man
while cheesy dance music blared threw the nearby speakers. It’s interesting how
with the right music you can actually boost your performance. Went home again
and Sarah and I practiced Chinese and then went on the roof where I wielded my
escrema sticks around.


yet again it is too hot to sleep and I am typing away. My only relief being the
misty grotto of contemplation but the down side of that is that there is only
so much time you can sit in a shower for, roughly 45 minutes seems to be my
breaking point when boredom and mist madness overrides the threat of the
boiling flat. I have now also found that peppermint oil( which my Mum lovingly
sent to me from England) can ease the itching and tingling of the heat rash and
more effectively tiger balm( lovingly brought by my wife) does the trick as
well. When I finish writing my blog I am going to attempt writing another part
of my latest untitled story .


I read in my “ how to be a writer book”
book that “anyone who attempts to write a story without knowing how it’s going
to end is a fool and an imbecile”. This I believe has been my downfall so far
in my past stories I have attempted (but then a few chapters later another
writer was saying how he never knows how his stories are going to end, the
thing all of the authors of this book say is “there is no set way to write a
book”, well thanks a million guys!, its like going for a driving lesson and
your teacher saying “ well there is no real set way to drive a car…”).


I sometimes have a good ideas( or what I think
are good ideas) but not unlike a sprinter, they tend not to have much endurance.
So rest assured I have heeded the good advice and I know how my untitled story
shall end….. I just don’t know what the hell’s going to go on in the middle
yet. While I was reading this morning I came across a brilliant line in “carry
on jeeves” it went like this


“As a rule the bright ideas you get over
night have a trick of not seeming quite so frightfully fruity when you examine
them by the light of day”


At first I chuckled at this, careful not to
wake Sarah, then I laughed and then sitting in bed on the bamboo mat sweating
and I suddenly guffawed( it took me 4 tries and then the spell check to work
out how to spell guffaw, 1st gafoored, 2nd gafored, 3rd
gufored, 4th, gufoured).


“A hearty, boisterous burst of laughter.” Is
the,s description of guffawing.


My description is “ when the brain is
utterly consumed in humor, pushing out everything else cluttering up the mind
and sending humorous uncontrollable convulsions down the body until ones whole
being is laughing”


Although a little over the top I think my
description is much better. Or maybe my one describes hysteria more aptly? Either
way it was bloody funny and I laughed myself into a right good super sweat.


2 thoughts on “Part164, Guffawing

  1. terrific picture ., bought a smile to my hot little face . have you been to a doctor with this heat rash ? it must not get infected .lovely lovely blog xx

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