PART163,the misty glen of contemplation

Tuesday, 6th, July, 2010. Last
night I slept very little. My heat rash was keeping me awake and I passed the
night scratching like a mangoy dog ( I deliberately kept in that spelling error
because I think the image of a Mangoy dog is far more interesting than a mangy
dog). Today has been a rather up and down roller costar. I spent the best half
of the morning and early afternoon thinking about how much I hated Catherine
and how I just wanted to get the hell out of here, I thought how I was going to
get paid in a few days and I could just take a plane to Yang shuo and be there
this time next week. I thought how Catherine has forced me to stay and when she
didn’t accept my resignation she unwittingly accepted my leaving without
telling her. I was also stressed because I had a new class at a medical company
this afternoon and I think even the most veteran of teachers must get a little
stressed when they have a new class.


Catherine picked me up from my home and
drove me to the new job. My plan was to not mention anything to her and nod
along and then hot foot it at the end of the week. She did a very good job of
being nice to me, saying how she thinks I am a good teacher, how my students all
like me and that she will give me a raise at the end of august. She told me her
woes of Shuang dao school not paying her yet even after 3 months of working
there. Then I went and had a really fun class with a bunch of sweet people from
the medical company. Then when I left they smiled and said “ See you next week
Mr. Tim”. My heart twanged and I thought about what they would be going next
week if I executed my plan to run away. They would all be round the big conference
table waiting, wondering where I am. I had even written my name in permanent
marker on the white board( no one told me it was a permanent marker until I had
finished writing my name) My name would forever be on the top right hand
corner, he who didn’t turn up next week.


got a bus to new window school to teach my next class while my conscience twanged
and ptwanged away. I had another great class with my senior students and then I
walked to the bus stop with Patients and her boy friend. patient is one of the Chinese
teachers at school. Her boy friend said “on spring festival we should meet up
and drink together”. I smiled and nodded knowing full well that I would not be


said goodbye at the bus stop and when waiting for the bus came face to face
with a rather androgynous fellow (who aired more on the side of a madam). He
looked slippery and gave me a smile which sent a disturbed shiver up my back “Hello”
he letched at me. “Oh hello” I stuttered back. I had the gut feeling like when
maybe you’re fumbling around in the dark and you touch something cold and
sticky and your heart gives an awful lurch as you try and comprehend what you
have just come in contact with.


 I about
quick marched and hid behind a palm tree on the left hand side of the bus stop
and thankfully when bus 28 came to rescue me the fiend didn’t take it.



I arrived back at home and immediately sat
down in the shower and turned the knob to the mist option. I sat there and
downed a small can of red crown beer. From now on I will call the shower when
it is on the misty option “ the misty glen of contemplation”. For that is surly
what it is. I sat in the Misty glen of contemplation and relaxed my brain as
the mist gently landed on me. After a time of thinking Sarah open the door of
the misty glen of contemplation and asked.


“ So Tim what are we going to do?”


I sighed and felt a bit sorry for her being
with a silly person who changes his ideas and plans even in the space of an
afternoon as a husband. I told her that I didn’t know what we were doing and I
asked her to join me in the misty glen of contemplation so that me might join
minds together and form a better thought. Begrudgingly (for Sarah does not care
for the misty glen of contemplation with quite the same vigor as I do) she
joined me and irritably and constantly wiped away the mists which gathered on
her eye lids and lips. I rather enjoy the mist slowly gathering on my person,
tis intriguing how one man’s misty delight can be another Sarah’s irritation.


Before I left for work this afternoon I
told Sarah with surety that I had had quite enough of Catherine and my job and
that I wanted to leave at the end of the week. Now I explained that Catherine
had been very nice to me and how she had been having trouble getting money from
the schools we have been working at.


“And you actually believed her?”, Sarah
shot back at me. It brought up the point in me that it was a rather effective
ploy to keep my working and that if I tried again to say I wanted to leave
again she would most certainly have taken away the proverbial carrot and replaced
it with a far more literal taking away of my money.


I sighed again and closed my eyes on the subject.
When no good answer is apparent stay in the mist glen of contemplation and get
drunk. I went to the fridge and got a big bottle of red crown anchor beer and
hastily returned to the MGOC and drank away in the blissful cool while Sarah
kept me good company. Maybe grotto or cavern would be better than glen?

2 thoughts on “PART163,the misty glen of contemplation

  1. Ah Tim . On the horns of a dilemma be ye . Wot would the true Jedi do ?Follow your heart . Be still and uncluttered and trust your instinct .

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