Part158 thou shalt not quit!

Friday, 2nd, July, 2010. I woke
up at 11 when I set the alarm. I was having a smashing dream about gardening
and speeding down a powerful river as I looked at all the old gardens I used to
tend when I was back in England, It was odd because they looked completely different
but I still recognized them as the original garden. The heat was not bothering
me so I gleefully lent threw the mosquito net and turned off the alarm and got
back to my dream. I heard my phone ringing and I knew it would be Tracy asking
me to go into school and hand in a DVD from ages ago so I just ignored it. I
then woke up again at 1 o’clock with Sarah saying “Tim it’s the afternoon come
on get up”, begrudgingly I got up and had a cold shower and then got back on my
Greek myths. I went on the roof a bit later and thrashed the air with my
escrema sticks. I sweated profusely and twisted and turned in the unrelenting
sun and then after half an hour (my cut off point in the afternoon heat), I
went back down and had another shower.


Sarah harassed and cajoled me to call
Catherine and hand in my resignation and I made some lame excuses as to why not
“I will do it in this evening”… actually that was the only one I could muster.
I then had one of my flashes when I remembered I can a pair of testicals. I
flew off the sofa, grabbed my Mobil and then called Catherine. While the phone
was ringing I panicked and thought how I didn’t know what to say. In speedy scribbles
I grabbed a pencil and wrote down on the back of a text book


“Am finding it hard to get used to Haikou”


“I am tired and stressed from teaching”


“I want to do something new”


She picked up


“Ah hello Tim”


“Hello Catherine, I really wanted to talk
to you face to face yesterday but you took off so fast that I didn’t have a
chance, I just wanted to say that I am not very used to the life here, I am
stressed and tired and I want to do something new, so I am sorry but I am
handing in my notice”




“I am resigning; I am handing in my notice,
so that after august I will not work here anymore, I am sorry”


“ Oh Tim I don’t think so, If you look at
the contract it says we must agree about it and I do not agree, you must think
seriously about this job and talk again to Sarah, I cannot accept your


I was stumped; I was expecting some
pleading or harsh words but not a “No”. How can you say no to a resignation? We
had a befuddled conversation where her voice quickly became cold and menacing
and she laid down yet again all the heavenly things she has done for me and
that basically I was going to work for the whole contract.


I told her I was going to look over the
contract again and call her back. I did so and it did indeed say that “both
parties must sign and agree to the cancelation of the contract”. I then looked
on a web site about Chinese laws and it clearly said that it is the absolute
right of an employee to hand in his resignation at least 30 days in advance and
that the employer has no power to stop the employee to do so.


I thought it would be like this and I
called Catherine back and asked her if we could talk face to face. She grumbled
and groaned like a frumpy teenager and told me “you can email me”. There was no
WAY! I was going to open up that can of worms again. My confidence was boosted
at her unwillingness to meet face to face. At heart I think she is scared. She finally
and begrudgingly accepted to meeting tomorrow. I printed out the resignation and
the page about the laws of China and sharpened my sword.


But seriously I have nothing to lose, If
she does not accept my resignation I will just fain defeat and leave at the end
of the month when I get my money threw. It’s like fighting someone with a rubber
sword when I myself have a real one. If she agrees to my lawful resignation she
will have two months to look for a new teacher but if she does not I will leave
her high and dry with my tail coat slapping her in the face.


In the evening I said goodbye to Lindsey
and Kyle. We had some bbq, some beer in their apartment and then said goodbye.
Even though we planned to meet up, in my heart I do not think we will see each
other again. It makes me sad. I would love to say we will meet up later but I
just think it will not happen. They are going to Thailand and then back to
Canada for 2 months, then back here again. I don’t really know what to say, it’s
been another day to remember. I just cannot believe Catherine is being so
difficult and I am sad that I had to say goodbye to some good people.


One thought on “Part158 thou shalt not quit!

  1. you have to ask yourself who or what it is that has made her so predictably intractable . At least you can escape . Time to burn off the dead wood [St Johns Fire an’all]Still , a very great shame . C’s with God may help you to accept it with equanimity rather than rage .

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