PART154 parent meetings and the roof

Monday, 28th, June, 2010. I went
to a kindergarten parent meeting today, which basically meant that I taught my
old classes but with their parents watching. I arrived at school and to a very
tense atmosphere shooting around. All the teachers looked stressed and where
moving around the class room at double speed with a forced smile pasted on their
faces. The reason for this was the large groups of sullen faced parents sitting
in on the lessons. They looked bored and serious. When it was my time to teach
there was not a black board in the room and the two class teachers gasped and
flew to the door to run and get one as if the universe depended on it. I told
them I would teach without it. I positioned myself in from of the children and surveyed
the sour faced parents eyeing me with suspicion. I did my best to teach the
kids but with all the phone ringing and parents talking loudly and moving
around the children were not very receptive to learning, also the fact that
they where 3 years old and they where my slowest class. I felt like a ring
master trying to make a retarded lion jump threw a hoop as an unenthusiastic
audience judged me. I carried on this farce for about an hour moving from class
to class peddling my skills and then I went home. I felt so sorry for all the
teachers who had to pander to the parents for the rest of the day.


I went to the gym after work but I hadn’t
eaten much so I just peddled on the exercise bike in the disco room for an hour
and then did the weights class. When we left the gym a motor bike taxi was
zooming along the pavement and beeped Sarah and myself out of the way, the
driver stared at me as he drove past. I gave him an angry look and raised my
hands in the air as if to say “come on then” he gave a sneer and slowed down a
bit. I was so ready to run up to him and punch him in his stupid face. He drove
off again laughing.


We had an orange juice and a dumpling soup
and then got the bus back home. Later Sarah and I went on the roof and I did
some Tai ji. The moon was hidden behind a tall building and it slowly rose up
above it and lit the roof tops as Sarah sat on a collapsible chair and I glided
threw the Taiji motions in my under pants. As the moon rose from behind the
building the city took on a magical air and I thought how this would be one of
the things I will miss when we leave. Being able to exercise up on the big roof
with a strong breeze and the moon lit to see by. Sarah was asking me about the
stars and I did my best to explain some of the patterns.


there was a dead bird in the corner of the roof, A small hole in its head was
being entered and exited by busy ants marching to and from there colony.


One thought on “PART154 parent meetings and the roof

  1. more vivid glimpses .seeing stuff thro’ your eyes ….brilliant classrooms seem to be the same t’world over . raucous parents at the show and tell assembly today .

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