PART146 my head( a poem)

My head.


My head is like a sponge on a swivel.


I look, I see, I hear, I smell.


I think.


I can close my eyes to the world in a


I can cover my ears and block the noise,


I can hold my breath and smell nothing.


But I cannot stop my thoughts, my thoughts
are unstoppable.


Not unstoppable like an admirable passion
which blasts threw adversity and challenge like toy soldiers,


But unstoppable like a broken record, keeps
repeating over and over and over until you are sick of it. But I have forgotten
or maybe I have never known how to stand up and turn it off.


Like a herd of dull philosophers and
ignorant drunks stuck in a room forced to make words all day.


Empty words,


Unwanted words,


Unstoppable words,


I am not thinking. My mind is running of
its own accord.


Have you listened recently?, have you heard
what you are thinking?,


Like a pestilent spoilt child screaming, we
try and ignore but it is not the solution and the words do not go away.


Written By Tim




2 thoughts on “PART146 my head( a poem)

  1. Interesting idea . I especially like the first half . Feel the second half loses it’s way towards the end …corking concept tho’

  2. empty words, unruly thoughts, we all have our own petulant spoilt child, none of the afore mentioned are very helpfull in the moving on thingey.DAD

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