PART142 a short holy story part2(another woof draft)

If you could see the whole scene you would
see a cloudy Plato. There is a very large billowing cloud to the far right
coming out of the plato and behind this cloud there is a giant man with a white
beard giggling. In the centre and up in the sky there is a streaky white cloud with
a chard black angel huddled on it. Then back down to the Plato again and to the
far left there is a large apple tree with the most shiny and enticing apples
you have ever seen dangling by a thread of stick aching to be picked. And skipping
ever closer to the tree you can see a naked man boy with a fig leaf somehow
sticking to his willy with no string attachment what so ever.


Don’t let the white puffy clouds fool you
this is a grave scene of epic magnitude


Adam arrived at the tree and looked up at
the nearest apple well in arms reach, without the slightest flicker of thought,
without even the blink of an eye as to what the consequence where this man boy
with a gravity defying fig leaf, eyes wide open, mouth salivating brain vacant grabethed
from the tree of knowledge a apple of…..knowledge and took a bite.


“Oh good God that’s so tasty!” Adam exclaimed
as the sweet forbideness released it’s VIA( very important apple) juice down
his thirst throat. A few bites later after the deliciousness had become not
quite so special and forbidden anymore Adam suddenly realized that he didn’t feel
any effect from the apple, No knowledge no new thoughts at all, then he noticed
God appearing from behind the cumulous nimbus and using his mind talking thing
instead of his ludicrously loud voice( to save all the dear creatures in
paradise from going deaf you see) he spoke up to the streaky stratus cloud and
from it emerged a dark Angel who jumped above and brandished a large flaming
sword, hanging for a moment in mid air above the cloud then the it flew towards
Adam and in a second bashed poor Adam on the top of the head with the flat of
his blade. Adam sunk nee deep into the cloud floor from the force and of course
passed out immediately; with another almighty belt Gabriel pelted Adam again on
the noggin which sent him shoulder deep into the cloud floor. Another few slighter
tap taps and Adams head disappeared altogether and forever from paradise. Gabriel
stood, a dark thing with a fiery sword as a war torn soldier. His eyes where
full of guilt. He worried that God would see it. He knew that God had seen his
soul and knew everything. Gabriel stepped back from the spot Adam had moments
ago been standing and stared blankly at the half eaten apple and a fig leaf
touching each other in the cloudy indent which Adam had descended from.


Adam woke up with a cheek wobbling blast of
continues wind slapping him in the face. A large brown think was rushing
towards him and he looked at it curiously. Thud!, Adam passed out again as he
hit the earth. When he woke up yet again a throbbing pain had lane siege to his
castle like head. Adam rested for a long time and thought about what had happened
“what had happened?, Gabriel said it was alright to eat the apples, I did then
he comes along like a pissed burnt chicken and biffs me on the head, Then I get
rammed by something large and brown then I wake up on this hard grainy brown
cloud, maybe this is a new extension and they just had dent installed the soft
puffy clouds yet”.


Adam hadn’t got a clue what was going on
and to heap on the bad stuff his fig leaf was missing. Adam was naked and

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