PART139 A perfect storm

Friday, June 18, 2010. I sprang out of
bed today after a wonderful and relaxing break. I had my last class with my
grade 1s and 3s at shuang Dao, they all went smoothly and then on my last class
Mr. Yi asked if he could take the last half of the class. I tried not to look
to happy as I agreed and them zooooom I was off, another morning gone in a
flash. That’s the great thing when it all goes well it can be such a rewarding pleasure
to teach.


When I got back home I went up on the roof
and did some of the wrestling basics and Tai chi. Then I tried to sun bath but
it was so hot that even with two towels on the concrete roof I was getting burning
heat from beneath, this begged the question that if I was being sizzled from
below then I must be veritably deep fried crispified from above. Sizzled from below
and sizzled from above. I picked up my towels and retreated to the relative
cool of our flat. My heat rash has been excruciating today, every time I move it’s
like sharp electric needles are twisted around all over my body. I started to
dread even the most basic movements, like bending down to put on my shoes
because as soon as I stood up a bristling wave of pain would streak across my


I read for most of the afternoon, More
Ballard. I love his sci fi short stories, the ideas are so cool and they just set
my mind alight with new things to contemplate. My brain was on fire with
thought, I sometime wish I had another brain but I think I am going to purchase
a Dictaphone


At 4:20 I went to Jin pan school and taught
the juniors, it was hellishly muggy and h0t and the electricity had cut out so
the class room where unbearably stifling, like trying to choke down thick
molasses marinated with the stench of 55 odorous teenagers. Thankfully half way
through the class a raging thunder storm graced the school with its presents.
Howling cool wind blew from every direction in and out of the class room and
the ever present defining claps of thunder made teaching impossible( any
excuse) even if the student had been listening they were far too preoccupied
with watching the storm from out the window. We all just smiled and enjoyed the
gracious relieve that nature had provided. Then the electricity buzzed back on
and we were able to start watching “the incredibles” again on the projector
screen. While the water from the down pour began to quickly fill up the class


Then in the evening I met Adam at the gym.
I was fairly lackluster but I went to the disco cycling class again which
boosted my up a bit, I did some weights after the class and a skinny little man
came up to me and asked where I was from. After I had told him he said “oh you
are very handsome”, I got a rather uneasy chill when he said this and I was
reminded of my little fiasco in the little red car back in Malaysia so I put
down the free weights and left the area quickly. Follow your gut, it know what’s
going on. Then I went for a meal with Adam and his friend and then back here
and back to my blog. I have taken a little break while I had a few days off and
I feel much better for it. Tomorrow is a long day but I don’t care. Friday is
Friday and then I have almost 5 days off whoop de dooooo!

2 thoughts on “PART139 A perfect storm

  1. Sunbathing you were ? A Celtic Warrior sunbathing? Read some PG Wodehouse . I want to know what you think of himxxxxxxxx

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