part136 a note before a go to bed

Up until now.


I have not written a blog in a while now. I
have been too tired; I have been working a lot. I get home drink beer and then
go to bed and read. I remember meeting a seaman on the bus. A man from Hunan province
who used to sail from America to Liverpool. I am tired and when I got on my
computer and read my comments from my Mum and Aunty I almost cried. I don’t know
why. From exhaustion and the fact that I am drunk. For the rapture of receiving
a comment. I have a few fans and they inspire me more than they know. Or rather
more than I tell them.


I have 3 days off now and I look forward to
resting. To healing darkness, soothing silence and a blissful lack of anyone apart
from my diligent wife who takes very good care of me.


I need to sleep so badly that I am shaking
and numb. I feel like crying but I do not weep. Like a river aching to rush,
like a parched river bed without water.


I feel like a pressure is building. An
invisible force which I do not understand or know how to release. BOOM!

3 thoughts on “part136 a note before a go to bed

  1. …..bringing tears to me eyes for the second time this weekend . You just plonk it onto paper and give it life . Irresistible .

  2. If you knew just how easily us over 50’s are moved to reaching for a tissue! (Some of us are reduced to tears by Dr Who for God’s sake!) What we all need is -Sleep, sleep and more sleep. – and don’t re-read your blogs until 8 hours after you wake – you’ll be too selfcritical if you read things back too soon (the cold grey light of dawn is a terrible thing!)

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