Thursday, June 03, 2010. Good nights sleep
last night because it has been raining and the weather was nice and cool. Slaved
away at work all day and then taught in the evening as well. As I sit here I
cannot really think of anything special which happened today apart from my bone
disappearing in the night time and also having a 3 hour sleep in the afternoon.
Tracy gave me a call to say that my afternoon classes were canceled while I was
napping in the heat of the noon time. I vowed to stay in bed for at least
another 1 or 2 hours….at least


“ ring ring” Tracy  called me again 10 minutes later “ sorry Tim
the class is on again, the students have finished their singing competition so
you still have class”.  Ah how lovely,
give me a present and then I unwrap it and find it’s a kick in the festivals
cheers Tracy, any more good news have I got aids?. Yes your right that’s a bit
over dramatic but that’s how I get when I am sleepy.


I had Harmony in the evening and after
class at 9:30 I had that strange tired but wired feeling and I just came home
with some beer and am getting ready to write a short story. I have been reading

J G Ballard’s short stories last night and
I got a brilliant idea from one of his sci fi stories. I feel like a new born
creative writer, going into unknown territories. It’s what I want to do it’s my
passion and I am doing it right now. WEEEEEEEEEEEE! .


Also I have written well over 2000 words
today without breaking a sweat. Whose got two thumbs and is pleased? THIS GUY!


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