part 129 Ben and Jerry

Ben and Jerry where traveling along the
green line together.


“Your new hanger looks great Jerry where
did you get it” asked Ben


“Oh you know that new travel shop just next
to the beginning of the blue line?, well they have 30% off all hangers and
harnesses, This one is good because it’s got suspension attachments so that
when you go up like the red or black line it does not tug so much on your neck,
its great”

Replied Jerry.


“Oh I would like one of those, but even
with 30% off they are bloody expense and I have been saving money for my
operation. I will just have to stick with this old thing, it certainly nearly
rips your head off when you go up but it’s really sturdy”. Said Ben


“Ah yes your operation, you must be
excited. You must have a tidy bit stacked away to get one of those, I talked to
Michael, you know Michael don’t you?”


“Yup” replied Ben (he didn’t really know
Michael at all)


“Well he just had a full leg job all the
way up and he says it’s changed his whole life, So much more room and
everything. Saved loads of dosh on the rent. It’s a good investment that is.
Are you getting the whole thing or just half of it done?” Jerry asked as they
both turned a lazy corner on the green line, their hangers slightly stretching
as there passengers where whipped out with the centrifugal force of the turn.


“Well at first I was just going to get it
done up to the shins but then I though, you know if you’re going to get a op
then you might as well get the whole think done and it does not cost all that
much more, I just have to save for a few more months and that’s it, no more
legs!” Said Ben as they leveled out on the last stretch of the green line.


“Now watch this” said Jerry excitedly “when
we both go up the red line check out how mine don’t jolt up at all it just sort
of smoothly does it”


When the two reached the end of the green
line they slowed down and waited for the others in front of them to go up.


“God the traffic is just terrible, it
always has been but never like this, imagine 2 years ago actually having to
wait to change lines, who would have thought it” Jerry said in disbelief


“Tell me about it, well 2 years ago not
everyone could afford to travel by line, but these days it’s so cheap every one
can get their permit and hangers just like that. It’s good that everyone can benefit
but sometimes I wish it was back to the way it was like before” said Ben


“Right watch this” Said Jerry excitedly
ignoring what Ben just said. As Ben and Jerry’s hangers where passed from the
green line to the red line by the maintenance machines, Jerry’s new human
hanger bounced slightly “see that Ben!, see that bounce?, saves your neck that


When their hangers where fixed on the red
line they both started to travel upwards. “You see that Ben, just takes the
little pressure out of the take off it does”


‘Why don’t you just shut up about your new
hanger for a moment mate?’ Ben thought to himself. They are always bringing out
new hangers every month it seemed, this month’s extra suspension, next month
less friction…bla blab la… Ben looked around him as he began to pick up


the lines had first been installed he had marvels at the seemingly god like
beings silently being transported over head. He was only 9 when he saw his
first one. Back then the lines where much thicker and the hangers looked like ugly
coat hangers which protruded from the back of the neck and which you had to manually
hook on to the metal line. Ben remembered seeing one man in a business suit
rushing to get on the stair case to attach himself to a line. He was in such a
rush that he didn’t attach his hanger properly and didn’t engage the safety
switch. He began to speed alone the line but it was wobbling a bit and he came completely
off, thankfully the lines where not very high off the ground then so he only
fell about 20 feet and he seemed to regain consciousness after a few minutes.


As Ben continued up and away he thought how
thin the lines where now, luminous colures so you knew which line you where on.
Also how they never wobbled like the new ones and there was not a single line
which went below 100 feet to the ground now. God the ground, Ben grunted, He
had almost forgotten what it was like, when was the last time he had even set
down on it, he didn’t know. Walking!, what a useless outdated thing he scoffed.
Will be a good think when I get rid of these legs.


“Hay Ben you listening mate? Did you see
the suspension?” asked Jerry.


“Yes I did it was good” answered Ben in a
less than enthusiastic tone.


“Hay Ben look at that Ben, that guys had an
arm op”


This did catch Ben’s attention as beside
him a legless armless person sped past then.


“How could he afford that?” wisped Ben in


“Stumped if I know, I heard arm jobs are
the most expensive, coz you needs one of those special robots, you know the
Doktor 2000 or summit”


“ Dektro 2000” Ben corrected.


Ben had seen an advert for the Dektro 200
on his eye screen a few days ago, all your dreams at the tip of their fingers
was one of their slogans. Ben didn’t like the Dektro much, Shit slogan and it
was just a pair of silver arms attached to small box. “It’s all about space isn’t
it? The smaller the better” he thought philosophically.


Ben thought how he liked bigger things, how
he had broken more sex bots than he cared to imagine. Ben needed the reinforced
version now, which was much bigger than its slim counterpart. It had the extra
lubricated stomach support system during use and with the governments new
policy to rent free sex bots (tactfully named recreation bots in public) in
exchange for your sperm, Ben could do it as often as he felt like.


It never even crossed Bens mind that it was
strange that little where being created from his sperm and where slowly growing
in an incubator somewhere, why would it seem strange?, he had been grown in a
incubator and so had everyone since the physical act of sex had come into
question due to its decline and in many cases its actual physical impossibility.
He was proud to be a tube baby, those naturals where few and far between now.
They are the freaks now aren’t they? Ben thought to himself.


“God look how fast he’s going, he must be
under 20 stone at least” Said Jerry in amazement.


“Yeah he must be how much you are at the
moment?” spat Ben spitefully as they continued up the red line. He knew that
Jerry was in the red danger zone for weight and no amount of vibration therapy
or anti gravity rooms would help unless he did something himself. He wanted
Jerry to be unhappy. That made Ben happy.


“Oh only about 30 stone now, It’s because
of the new food tubes they just force it down you like animals, you don’t get
to chew or nothing, I tries to ask the screen but apparently it’s in the cell
contract, that’s the problem with renting by weight only, It can be cheaper at
first but they catch you on the little things… the food tubes.” Jerry
said wide eyes and sad.


“Ok jerry, the food tubes” Ben laughed.


They were coming to the end of red line.
This is where Ben would split off to section 112 and Jerry went off to section
h17. They said Farwell to one another as they stopped and the maintenance bots
changed them both to different horizontal lines.


“ See you tomorrow Jerry, I do like your
new hanger, bye for now” Said Ben, He felt a bit bad for being mean to Jerry and
he was trying to be nice, Ben had few people to talk to and he didn’t want to
lose Jerry.


“Oh ta!, it’s not half bad, is it?” replied
Jerry with a huge meaty grin. “See you tomorrow mate” Said jerry as they both simultaneously
where taken off in opposite directions. “You see the different suspension” Ben heard
Jerry yell as he sped off.


Jerry was thinking about supper, he was
hungry. He could see his block looming up ahead. It was a gray rectangle slab
going down and disappearing into the mist below. As Jerry came closer he could
see the individual cells for the employees of the workers union. “They treats
us well” Jerry nodded and mutters to himself. “Even though its hard work
controlling all those construction machines all day, not like old Ben”. Jerry
frowned as he tried to comprehend Ben’s job of sticking a helmet on everyday and
working out accountings just using his mind. “It’s just so unnatural” Jerry
though shacking his neck.


“ID NUMBER PLEASE” commanded the security
bot as Jerry approached Block 52 of sector H17.


“Id number 1738992, name Jerry Norman”
Jerry replied.


Soon Jerry was back home. His cell door grated
open and another maintenance bot took him from his line and placed him sitting
in his cell. “Oh it’s good to take the weight of your buttocks’ Jerry thought
as the harness straps pressure eased from his posterior. Jerry watched as his
cell door shut. Cutting off the image of thousands of workers all being
transported home by the line system. Backed by the drop of row upon row of
cells, In the far distance you could faintly see the jynormous construction machines
Jerry was using all day “Those are the sort of places Bens gunner be living when
he gets his ops done. Fancy small apartment especially for those with ops. Full
catered for” Jerry thought as the cell door cut off the last slither of natural
light from his cell.


Jerry was building the new living cells,
smaller VIP cells for those who could afford ops.


the stark white lights of Jerrys cell clicked on. “That Bens going placers”
Jerry marveled “getting rid of his legs wouldn’t be surprised if he got rid of
is arms a bit later as well”.


Jerry Sighed as the food tube hummed and it
sightlessly sought his orifice, it jutted. “Clamp” the tube popped into Jerry’s
mouth and started feeding him his flavored meal. Jerry relaxed as the mush
coursed down his throat.


“That psyche mind work is where the futures
at” Jerry idle though. “But you either have it or you don’t, those tube babies
have it more than us normal’s don’t they?” he said to no one in particular.


Jerry thought about an article he had seen
on his eye screen at work. They were talking about not only arm ops but also
lower abdomen ops as well. Jerry’s eyes grew wide at the idea. “Imagine that,
how much you could save on rent in a space apartment”.


Jerry looked down at his podgy legs and
down to his toes. He strained and slowly moved his left foot a little. Jerry
like that a lot. Jerry likes to move his own toes a bit. But if he got rid of
his legs he would not have to rent such a big apartment and he could get a
smaller luxury place


Jerry put his head back on the wall of his
cell and engaged his eye screen as the food pipe pumped mush into his mouth. “How
much the human race has moved forwards, don’t even need legs dor arms no more”


Jerry sat at a 45 degree angle with a gray
tube forced down his fat throat, gazing in a misty dream up at the nearby
ceiling of his cell.         


That’s a rough draft of my short story….


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