PART126 the curse

I was gazing out of the class window again.
As if I did anything else. Unashamed day dreaming. In later years I would make
myself feel bad for wasting my Fathers hard earned money on a privet school
education but for then I had other things on my mind. I.E what would I do if I
suddenly could fly? If I could have one super power what would it be? And of
course all the well rehearsed alternate realities I had involving the different
girls I was in love with at the age of 17.


I was at the very back of the class. The
first day of school, the only day I was early and the day when you can choose
where you sit for the rest of the year I had strode purposeful to the back of
the class and firmly marked my desk by the window, firmly marked my fate for
the year…to learn as little as possible, oh what a noble pursuit!. What triumphant
glee I felt for the owning of the desk farthest away from actual learning.


I needed a piss, badly! I suddenly had an excruciating
urge to urinate. Probable my latest daydream had acted as a buffer against my
basic faculties, until they had overridden my dream and rightfully informed
myself that I should relieve myself


“Can I go to the loo please?” I said when I
had caught Mr. Burgess’s attention. “Yes” he said quickly and then got back to
Johnny Frazer who was one of the only pupils in our class who could actually answer
Mr. Burgesses Math’s questions. I minced down the rows of my class mates (Minced
being the optimum word for someone concealing persistent torrents of urine
trying to force it was out of me) and swiftly exited the class room, up the
stairs and into the large un fresh upper school loos. I remembered with a
chuckle how last year after spending the night at a friend’s house and finding
on the internet a fictitious picture of George bush having sex with Tony Blair
we printed it out and put copies on the front doors of the upper school and all
in the loos when we arrived at school the next day. Oh how we laughed and Oh
how quickly there where torn down.


I looked at one of the windows which I had hysterically
celli taped one of the lewd copies last year. Now that the picture was long
since taken down one could once again see the carved picture of an angel in the
blue Smokey tinted glass. The blue was dark but with a flash suddenly it lit up
and I could comprehend a powerful light behind the pain.


I rushed out of the loos and looked out of
the nearest window and with a gargantuan heart palpitation stared wide eyed at
the utterly orange sky up above.


Small black red tailed dots where ascending
from the unnatural sky. I looked on in stupefied wonder and a very real urgent
feeling rose in my lower gut “Jesus I need a piss!” I whispered to myself. I
burst back into the loos and opened the farthest door from the urinal, my favorite;
because it had a little window looking down on the school car park and also
most importantly it was the one which smelt least of piss. I pushed the door
open and was confronted with a unimagable site.


A girl was slumped against the wall by the window,
there was more blood than I have ever seen before in my life, it was as if a
whole river of claret was glistening on the walls and the floor and the ceiling
and the bowl. I stood there in horror the only thing I could think in my tiny
terrified mind was “ She is so beautiful”, The orange light from outside was
coming in through the small misted window of the cubical but then suddenly it
vanished and a real faint dim light replaced the glow. I looked at the small
window and then suddenly the girl had vanished. Nothing was there. It was a
clean normal cubical once again.


I ran out of the door again and looked out
of the clear window and saw that the orange had disappear and the sky looked as
normal as ever “what the fuck is going on?” I thought to myself. Was I more concerned
that I was mad or that all this had actually happened?.


“OHHH I am going to piss myself” I groaned
as I remembered my original pepuse for going to the loo. I hurtled back into
the loo and was about to choose a different cubical, not my favorite again “ I
am not going in there again” I said to myself as I pushed open a door far from
my formar favorite.


I heard the shrieks of a baby. Piercing whaling
of an infant. I stood frozen at a far away door. My blood grew cold and the
most gut retching fear clenched my whole being. The cried grew louder and louder
and I moved down the cubical doors, down to the door I had opened before. I knew
the sounds can from within.


I opened again the door to my favorite cubical,
once I had smoked paranoid cigarettes in there with my best fried Joe, once I
had skipped class to masturbate in there and my class teacher had come in and asked
dif I was alright. Now I open this door and found a naked infant lying cold on
the floor screaming madly.. The cries cut to my very core and an extra layer of
un knowing terror was layered upon my already troubled self. My very soul shudder
as I stood stiff, fighting to comprehend what was going on.


………to be continued….if I feel like it


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