Part121, metting Anthony

differant blog,

I woke up in the morning feeling odd. I remembered
the dream which happened last night, how real it felt. I could still feel the
heat of my burning sword on my face. I could still feel deep down a fear of
that dark monster. Was it a dream?


I got up and went through all the motions
of the day. Shower, got dressed, went to work but all the while I could not
shack my dream from my mind. It was not only my mind. I felt as if I was
dripping in a kind of burning atmosphere from the dream. Like I was still


On the way back from work I stood on the
crowded bus, lost in the miasma of my dark thoughts. I noticed out the corner
of my eye a foreigner sitting on the bus. Although he was sitting down I could
tell he was tall. He looked somewhat out of place on the bus seat, like he didn’t
fit on it because of his size. But it was not only that, he didn’t seem to fit
in another way. Maybe because he was the only other foreigner sitting on a bus
full of Chinese people.


He had wavy blond hair and a handsome face,
broad shoulders and a faint flow around his person. I couldn’t really tell how
old he was, He looked old but not wrinkly or disheveled. A luminescent bronzed
tan gave this large man the look of a radiant angel. I shimmied over to where
he was sitting and said hello, I usually say hello to fellow foreigners in
China as one does not see many very often. He gave me a warm smile and said in
a clear voice “you’ve been traveling, I would advise you to be careful”. I
laughed and said “yes”, not knowing exactly what he meant. There was silence, I
had to fill it, I felt uncomfortable and although no challenge had been made I
felt I needed to explain myself. “Yes I know I have been traveling around
China, I was in the north for a few months and then I went to Malaysia….”. I
heard myself spewing the same old regurgitated stories of my travels. The angel
sat there listening.


After I had finished He told me “ you
should go to the park and relax”. “Ok” I said in obediently. We both got off at
the green park. We went down past the arcade games and street sellers and
walked past the exercise machines and went off down a small path lined by palm
trees. “ Palm trees are not very good at healing, They are different from other
trees”, Said the man. We found a large tree with dark green leafs and the man
gestured me to sit under it. Keeping a distance from me he watched as I slumped
against the tree. He just watched


I don’t know how much time past but slowly
I started to wake up, I mean really wake up. I gasped and freshened my brain
for the first time in ages, the strange atmosphere I had been feeling all day
had disappeared. I realized that there was a man standing in front of me. “Ok
now that you are all cleaned up we can really have a chat”. I began to get up
and was about to make a hasty exit from this strange situation when he said “It
was real last night all of it”.


I froze and my brain spasmd at these words.
“What?” is all that I could muster as I was in mid sand up “ Last night somehow
you managed to open a door which cannot be closed, you have become a traveler.”.
I failed to stand up and resigned to sitting back down. “You have learned how
to travel into your dreams’. I looked up into the tall man’s face and for some reason
I felt that I could trust him. Like he was my Angel “ You went to fear and
darkness last night and luckily you escaped”, I gave him a puzzled look as to
enquire more. “Last night you travels to a realm of fear and darkness and
because your strong you managed to survive and because your incredibly lucky
you managed to find your way back into this world.”


“How is that even possible? Do you mean it
was not a dream or was it just like a very real dream?” I asked. “It was very real;
your whole being was there. That is why it’s so dangerous. In a normal dream
only your mind or rather only your sight goes to these places. Like watching a
film. But last night it’s as if you crawled into the film and where part of it,
It was much more real than most of the things you do in this world”. I contemplated
all this for a moment. “You need to understand that from now on that all your actions
have consequences, you should practice going to safe happy places when you
travel”. Said the man. “How do I do that?” I asked.  “Firstly when you go to bed you must anchor yourself
in this world and then you can open the door to where ever you want to go, like
you did last night, open the door in your mind and whatever your thinking about
or feeling will be your destination, your reality”.


I remembered back to last night and how I
had felt crawling back into bed. I was scared and worried from imagining someone
outside our flat. It seemed unusual but at the same time it made sense, I had
been scared when I got back into bed and that’s where I went.


“ What do you mean by anchoring myself to
this world?”. I said.


“When you travel you must always root yourself
in this world, if you don’t you can become lost and sometimes it can be hard or
even impossible to come back. I will teach you a simple but effective way to
root yourself, oh and by the way my name is Anthony”.


Anthony sat opposite me under the tree and
motioned me to copy his cross legged stance



“There is no special way to sit but as long
as your back is straight and upright that’s all you need. You cannot root or
even think properly for that matter when you are lying down.” Said Anthony.


“Next I want you to breath in and imagine
your breathing bright golden energy down into your stomach, Every time you
breath in, the energy is stored in your belly and every time you breath out you
are expelling unless waste from your body”.



both sat silently and after a few minutes I felt a strange heavy feeling in the
pit of my stomach. Like I was full of slow moving honey, I saw around me the
trees glowing golden and faint flowing rivers of energy coming from all the
trees. I craned my neck up and saw that a line of golden energy was coming from
the branches above and was snaking down towards Anthony and myself, it turned
into a smaller stream and I could see every time Anthony took a breath the
golden light was moving into his nostrils.


It was blissful. I felt like I was drenched
if think warm light. I marveled at the new sights and sensations around me.


After a time Anthony spoke again “Now that
you are charged we can work on rooting, imagine that all the energy that is now
stored inside you can be manipulated. You can use your mind to control it in
many ways, for rooting I want you to move the energy with your mind down both
of your legs and let it out onto the ground out from the bottom of your feet”.



 I imagined
the thick honey traveling from my stomach threw my legs, It was an uneasy
sensation at first. Almost like I was urinating, Something fluid was rushing
down my legs and out from my feet.


“Very good”. Said Anthony “now that your
energy is flowing out from you you must use your mind and imagination to grip
the very earth with your energy, imagine it is sticky elastic goo and it clings
to the earth”. I did this and imagined the honey oozing from my feet and
gripping the earth. I felt the energy cling and dig in like an anchor.


“Right!, time to get up and go!”, Said
Anthony suddenly.


got up and started walking. As we both walked away from the tree I say a faint
glow from where I was sitting and two threads of light coming from it leading
to the bottom of each of my feet.

“That’s what rooting is”


 Anthony said with a smile on his face as he saw
me gazing in awe and wonder. “Now all you have to do when you want to come back
here is follow the light strings and you will come back, When you travel to
other worlds you just do the same thing, follow the light back home”.


“Yeah just follow the string of energy
coming out from both my feet, simple!”, I thought to myself with a chuckle.


Suddenly Anthony looked very serious and
stood face on to me “Most of this is very instinctive but There is much more to
learn, if you like I can become your teacher. I can help guide you, you need
help if you are to survive”.


I chuckled again. Anthony was not impressed
“Do you know what would have happened if you had not killed that creature last
night? You would have stayed in the shadows of that half world and you would
have become your own fears and darkness forever. You would be trapped there
ever lasting, this is not a joke, and you need to take this seriously”.



I realized that I had been rude and apologized
“ I am sorry Anthony, It’s just all so bizarre, energy ropes coming from my
feet, other worlds, Yes I would love you to be my teacher I would feel so honored,
I will listen to what you have to teach me” I said.


“Good, I didn’t mean to scare you but you
do need to realize that what you have is a double edged sword, It can set you
free or send you to hell” Anthony replied “ Tonight when you get into bed I
want you to root yourself firmly to the bed and then I want you to think coming
back to the tree we were under today, Be sure to think about flying in this
world, just after midnight I will meet you there”.


“Ok I will” I replied. We shock hand and
parted ways.


2 thoughts on “Part121, metting Anthony

  1. Here’s one for you – The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes. – Marcel Proust.

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