PART118 just shut the fuck up

Friday, 28th, May, 2010. Today
is my long day. I soldered threw the day. Keeping my calm during the morning,
only loosing it once in the afternoon “why can’t you just shut up!?, just shut
the fuck up” where my exact words”. Left it all behind in the classroom. Then
had an easy but tiresome lesson from 7:30 until 9:40 in the evening. Went back
home with beer and rice wine and am currently pickling myself while watching
films. The only cure I know of after a long day at work.


I have been furtively trying to expand my
writing skills beyond my blog. I read in one of my books that if you just sit
down and write unrelated random words together it can be a liberating and obtain
rewarding experience. Just to let go of the literary mind and unleash subconscious
or random word on the unsuspecting page (screen). It’s just about learning to
open up your mind and not to be scared about writing crap. You have to write
crap so that you can eventually stumble upon something worthwhile. If you bang
away at something for long enough chances are that the law of averages balances
out (The infinite monkey theorem states that a monkey hitting keys
at random on a typewriter keyboard for an infinite amount
of time will almost surely type a given text, such as the complete
works of William Shakespeare.). I am of course giving
myself far too little credit but in truth the monkey do have time on their


after much alcohol and watching John Carpenters “The thing” horror film about a
mutating alien who assimilates and copies human form, I unleashed this strange
random worded poem upon a blank page. Please don’t put me in an institute.





Ruff toxic vagabonds from anti hatred
flinging juicy raw face full’s to yielding killers.


Hatred from the grateful jigsaw fronts
gravel downhill very door like and fertile wells of

Drowning jokers dew suckling harvest glows
down heartfelt moon beams.


never found the growling hatred of the
north until cool insects drew for me by turnips, dead seated forest dwarfs gallop
gregariously toward freedom just because death haunts them never could expect
your sympathy your found hitting unbelievably, common, because down there
questions zoomed, attention looked,


Nerves depend changing, morphing; popping
head, full’s veracious jaunts delving to inconceivable wells haunts universal torture
guts wellbeing.


salty malicious depression bewitches dammed friends for just gestures. Nothing
expected. Let open here soon.

Even if the observable universe were filled with monkeys typing for all
time, their total probability to produce a single instance of Hamlet would still be less than one in 10183,800. As Kittel and Kroemer put it, "The probability of Hamlet is therefore zero in any operational sense of an event…"

from the irrefutable sauce of wikapedia


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