part117, perspective

Thursday, 27th, May, 2010.
Another normal(ish) day. My lessons in the morning sped past and I went home
and practiced escrema on the roof. I think I need new flip flops. I have worn a
small hole in my left one (my pivot foot) and the souls are so thin that even
the slightest bump or undulation under foot is felt. Truly a worn out soul that
does not protect you from the little things.


My afternoon classes also flew past. I
decided not to go to the gym today. I felt tired even in my core so I felt a
rest was sensible. Sarah and I were watching a film when I noticed a magical
light coming from the window. It was like suddenly the whole atmosphere had
changed. “let’s go on the roof and watch the sun set” I said “ Yes” Said Sarah.
Silently we went up to the roof and saw the most beautiful red sky. I had
brought my escrema sticks with me and I began to flail them around while Sarah
took pictures of me as the sun went away.


It’s so easy not to notice something like a
sun set, to look up and see the sky, to remind yourself of great things,
unknown magical things which put a whole new perspective on the day. I don’t
even know why I am on this earth but I still manage to get wholly involved in
trivial pursuits and negative fears. Perspective should be a whole subject at
school. It is a whole philosophy in its self. Why am I getting angry about
someone cheating me when I don’t even know where I am?, Why should I care about
how much money I get paid when I know for a fact I am not going to be alive (as
I know it) in 70 years or so?. Someone needs to re wire the human race.

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